October 28, 2021


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$ 1.9 billion Spain AVS hub plan: first details published

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The devil has the details. On March 18, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that the government would cultivate 6 1.6 billion (1. 1.9 billion) between 2021-25 in a Spanish AVS hub plan ায় Spanish-language España Hub Audiovisual de Europa.

The aim was, as he explained, to encourage big foreign players to set up shooting and production centers in Spain and to strengthen Spanish film and TV production.

Speaking at the San Sebastian Festival on Wednesday, September 22, addressing Spanish industry representatives and producers, government officials described the first Spanish AVS hub across various influential ministries.

Working with the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), Spain’s ICAA State Agency for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, part of the Ministry of Culture, will raise million 1 million (7 7 million) in export assistance to boost sales of Spanish films. Abroad, ICAA director Beatriz Navas said it was probably the biggest announcement of the day.

“We need to give those who travel abroad a suitcase so they can say: ‘If you produce with me, you will have some advantage,'” Navas said.

All of these initiatives are part of the Spain AVS plan, funded by so-called component 25 million (200 million ($ 234 million), part of Spain’s resilience to EU-backed recovery, transformation and Covid-1 post recovery. .

Navas added that the Ministry of Culture will receive 100 million ($ 117 million), of which € 20 million ($ 23 million) has been tabbed for international. The amount of export distribution assistance is set at € 3 million ($ 3.5 million) in 2022 and the same amount for 2023.

Generally € 100 million would be disbursed within three years and would finance the digitization of at least 100 companies, closing the gender gap and internationalization in the film-TV sector, Navas said.

The Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs will use the ICEX Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and another € 100 million to strengthen funding for the Spanish Film Commission.

The IBAA will make an additional contribution to the IberMedia fund for the joint development, production and distribution of countries in Ibarro-America, Navas said.

25 200 million game through component 25, but part of a much bigger picture.

Roberto Sanchez, foreign secretary for telecommunications and digital infrastructure, said the government had received 5,050 proposals to improve the sector, with a total budget of 5.5 billion (.. 6.4 billion). His ministry hopes to make the most appropriate decision this month so that arrangements can be made before the end of the year.

Of the € 1.6 billion game, the largest Spain AVS hub initiative still has to take. And, notably, Sanchez said there would be an opportunity to reconsider the measures taken this year in 2022 if necessary.

There is also a pending draft of the Audiovisual Communication Services Act, which he described as Huber Pat, which is currently considering a clause that for a significant percentage of TV series supported by global platforms, the rights to their independent producers should be restored to players after 36 months of licensing. With for joint exploitation.

Approval of the bill by Spain’s cabinet was postponed from Tuesday but is said to be imminent.

The San Sebastian press conference that he worked to accomplish was to confront some of the key drivers of the hub: the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Sanchez at ICAA, ICEX and the Spanish Film Commission. Sanchez insisted, however, that the minister’s assistance was much broader, involving the Spanish tax authorities and the Ministry of Health Services and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the first time the film and TV sector has received government support across the board, he said. Diversity.

In the run-up to other AVS hubs, ICEX will seek to hire film-TV experts at its main market office, launch initiatives that create more content, position Spain as a brand in the sector, and re-launch public-sector promotions at festivals and markets. Maria Pena, Managing Director of ICEX.

“It’s not an opportunity, it’s an opportunity, we can’t miss this train,” said Carlos Rosado, president of the Spanish Film Commission.

He added: “I have had the honor of meeting with the president of the government recently in his meetings with key players in the US industry. We are on their radar. We cannot fail.”

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