September 22, 2021


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‘1917’ leads the Chinese box office

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According to industry tracker Mawan, Sam Mendes’ World War I story “1917” topped the Chinese box office this weekend, with nationwide ticket sales dropping from the previous week.

Meanwhile, the Chinese premiere of the twentieth-century Fox racing drama “Ford v. Ferrari” flopped and came in fifth with just $ 1.2 million. Although in its second China weekend, “Sonic the Hedgehog” did not even cross the half-million mark, earning just 44 446,000.

Chinese movies are back in business for the third time in six months. The disappointing earnings reflect that part of the theater is still closed in areas that are at risk in COVID-19, again those who have started work face several restrictions. These include screenings being reduced to about half of their normal number, a 30% cap on maximum capacity, a ban on discounts and sales, and programming in films longer than two hours for a mandatory intermission in some areas.

During the three-day weekend, China’s overall box office was ১ 1.3 million, up from $ 1.6 million last week. Less than a million dollars and less than half of the country’s venues returned from business in the first weekend of open theater, about 3 %%. No movie sold more than 1,800 tickets in the country on Sunday, with only two sold on Saturday.

Despite the numbers, the Chinese state-run media has tried to say optimistic about these preliminary figures at home and abroad. It suggests that gaining confidence in the film sector is in favor of politically and economically significant Beijing, whose influential central propaganda bureau now manages the film sector.

For example, the official China Internet Information Center news portal took New York-headquartered PR Newswear to publish an English-language story late last month, saying that the relaunch of movies was “significant” because “it signals a positive sign from China that the economy is recovering.” Recovery is beginning, and social life is getting back on track. “

The news portal uses the channel to push content that reflects Beijing’s key points of discussion, including articles opposing India’s ban on Chinese applications, defending Hong Kong’s controversial Chinese national security law and China’s efforts to reduce poverty. (PR Newswire did not respond) Of Variety Request to comment on its policy to expand content from Chinese state outlets without hinting at their government relations))

Its global volume in the lead role of “19117” has reached about ৮ 362 million, but the inauguration is very small for a country where listeners usually paint sensitive war pictures. By comparison, the much-acclaimed (and Chinese-funded) World War II movie “Midway” earned 14 14.4 million in China in its opening weekend last November, while business is still booming.

Original February. 21 The Chinese release of “China 1917” was canceled after the movies closed in late January due to Kavid-19. It is now being distributed in China by Alibaba on behalf of Amblin Partners. Universal Pictures has distributed titles in North America and shared international distribution rights with Amblin; E has been distributed on behalf of Amblin in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Benelux.

China is one of the few markets in the world where movies are open and Movieweing is on the rise amid continuing problems with COVID-19. Chinese authorities have taken the kitchen-sink approach to content to get theaters back on track and see what a hodgepodge of local classics, little-known veteran foreign titles, new Hollywood fares and Chinese blockbusters do together.

Cautious listeners, even waiting for the big new headlines that haven’t entered the house for months at a time through piracy.

The first new Chinese blockbuster to arrive in cinemas will be Huawei Brothers’ “Eight Hundred” on August 21, while Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in September will be the first major foreign blockbuster to be released in other regions a few months ago.

The movie grossed 4.2 million at the box office in its first full weekend in theaters after the re-release of Nolan’s “Interstellar”. It made 6 80,680,000 out of 502 IMAX screens, bringing its eight-day IMAX Quim to .7 2.7 million, or close to a quarter of the nationwide revenue.

This was followed by Robert Downey Jr.-starrer “Dollytal”, which came in third with দীর্ঘ 2.01 million in earnings a few thousand years before the long-running local crime thriller “Shapeless Shepherd”.

Last week’s top grocer, the dark arrival story “Advent of Arrival”, didn’t crack the best decade despite earning just 6,000 this week, a sign that listeners were keen enough for new local content to be willing to take a chance on almost anything.

Next weekend, a restored version of “Bad Guys for Life” and “Harry Potter and the Stone of Magic” is about to debut.

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