September 22, 2021


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1975, Luis Capaldi, Nilal Horan Hate Fight Against Sign Open Letter

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More than 700 members of the U.S. music community have come together to sign a letter pledging to fight division and hatred, in addition to artists, directors, record companies, companies, executives, and executives of companies as well as lyricists and producers.

Citing British rapper Willie’s recent Twitter scandal, citing anti-Semitic examples such as Islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia, the signatories declared, “We are in our worst position when we attack each other. “

Artists approving the open letter entitled “#NoSilenceInMusic” include 1975 (pictured), Lewis Capaldi, Lily Allen, Nilal Horan, Rita Ora, Violet Sky, Westlife, Years and Years and Youngblood. Also present were industry executives, including Darkas Biz, CEO of Island Records, Emma Banks, CEO of CAA, Warner / Chapel CEO and co-chair Guy Mutt, Mark Marcuriadis of Hypnosis Song and Richard Griffiths of Modest Management. Companies, firms and operating companies with their names attached include three major label groups, Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music Group, Capitol, Domino, EMI Records, Tap Music, UTA and X-Ray Travel, as well as lyricists. Producer Neil Rodgers.

See the full list of medium signatories and read the letter below:

We, the representatives of the music industry, write to show and express our determination that love, unity and friendship, not division and hatred, will always be our common cause.

Through a series of events and incidents in recent months, black anti-racists and anti-Semites, and those who advocate Islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia, have repeatedly proven that they clearly want to defeat us all. Whether it is racism and racism described by continued police brutality in America or anti-Semitic racism propagated through online attacks, the result is the same: suspicion, hatred and division. We are in our worst position when we attack each other.

Minorities of all backgrounds and religions have fought and suffered. From slavery to the Holocaust, we have painful memories. All forms of racism have the same roots – ignorance, lack of education and procreation. We, the British music industry, are proud to be able to broaden our voices, to take responsibility, to speak, and to stand together in solidarity. Silence is not an option.

There is a worldwide love for music, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender. Music brings joy and hope and connects us all. Through music, education and empathy we can achieve unity. We stand together to educate and eradicate racism now and for our future generations.

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