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2022 Emmys Documentary or Nonfiction (Special) Prophecy

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UPDATED: June 22, 2022

2022 EMMYS Forecast:
Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special

Prize prediction commentary:

Director Amy Pohler shows the rise of comedy icon Lucille Ball and her relationship with husband and musician Desi Arnaz that leads them to the groundbreaking television sitcom. With the support of Amazon Prime Video and the discontinuation of the “Being the Ricardos” feature, the TV Academy’s classic Hollywood pocket could go all out for “Lucy and Desi”, a look of love and fame.

“George Carlin’s American Dream,” a two-part documentary about the famous comedian, provides the world with an incredible reminder of the power of laughter and love, told through the passion of directors Jude Apato and Michael Bonfiglio. Dropping to HBO at the end of the qualification period, the bias of innovation can help it snatch a name.

Disney + Grammy and music sensation Olivia Rodrigo has taken to her platform with “Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U” as she recounts the memories of writing and recording her first album in Los Angeles. Directed by Stacey Lee, it could serve as a popular choice for the academy, which usually doesn’t go for such docs, but can end up with an amazing entry.

After the attacks on women’s rights in America and the trials of Johnny Depp and Amber Hard, the true story of Evan Rachel Wood and her activism and her resurrection from domestic violence are part of the most “moment”. “Phoenix Rising” is a good place for the nation to support HBO and recognize its position.

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A portrait of singer-songwriter Sheryl Crowe’s Showtime, and an enthusiastic, easy part of digesting the legacy she left behind in music. Directed by Amy Scott, with interviews with big names like Brandy Carlyle and Laura Darn, latecomers to the Amy race can hit the right note to voters.

Directed by Michael John Warren, replicating many of the same successful chords that hit last year’s Emmy-winning “Hamilton”, the Tony-winning original Broadway cast reunites for the HBO special. “Spring Awakening: The People You Know.” Along with Jonathan Graf, Leah Mitchell and others, it became a beautiful love letter to Broadway and an influential show that resonated decades later.

When a documentary captures a cultural zeitgeist, an Amy can often knock. This could be the case with the Netflix film “The Tinder Swindler” directed by Felicity Morris. By highlighting people’s vulnerabilities in dating apps and weak laws around certain types of fraud, true-crime pictures can keep their feet running.

Director Sam Jones, who also directed an episode of the second season of “Ted Lasso”, follows skateboarder Tony Hawk, looking at his life, career and passion for his sport through “Tony Hawk: Until Wheels Fall Off”. HBO’s support for this series has put it in a tough position for voter recognition if it can stand out from other competitors.

Oscar and Emmy winner Ron Howard describes Carlotta Andres’ mission to provide healthy food to victims of natural disasters through National Geographic’s “We Feed People.” An eye-opening message for mankind’s love of cuisine, and the need to change the way we communicate to help our fellow men and women, can satisfy the hunger of many TV academy members.

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Voting in the nomination round runs from June 16 to June 27. The official nominations for the 74th Emmy Awards will be announced on Tuesday, July 12.

The list of programs and potential nominees listed below is incomplete and subject to change. The full television awards season calendar is linked here.

Winner of the 2021 division: “Kingdom of Boys” (Apple TV +)

All prize contestants and rankings:

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File photo – Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber (R) performs during his world tour concert on September 29, 2013, in Beijing, China. China out. There are no commercial or editorial sales in China. – RTX3CCGW

And the predicted nominees are:
RANK Series The Internet
1 “Lucy and Desi” Amazon Prime Video
2 “George Carlin’s American Dream” HBO
3 “We feed people” National Geographic
4 “14 peaks: nothing is impossible” Netflix
5 “Janet Jackson.” Lifetime
The next line
6 “Betty White Celebration: The Golden Girl of America” NBC
7 “Spring Awakening: The People You Know” HBO
8 “Tony Hawk: Until the Wheel Takes Off” HBO
9 “The Tinder Swindler” Netflix
10 “Phoenix Rising” HBO
Also controversy
11 “Sheryl” Showtimes
12 “Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2U” Disney +
13 “My Life of Mary J. Blizzard” Amazon Prime Video
14 “Controlling Britney Spears (New York Times Presents)” Hulu
15 “White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie and Fitch” Netflix
16 “Justin Bieber: Our World” Amazon Prime Video
17 “9/11: Inside the President’s War Room” HBO
18 “Bini Mania” HBO
19 “What happened, Brittany Murphy?” HBO
20 “Whitney, look back.” CBS
Arranged competitors
“A man named Scott.” Amazon Prime Video
“A Tear in the Sky”
“Alex Murdoch: Death. Deception. Power.”
“And just like that … the documentary.” HBO
“Benjamin Franklin”
“Out of Ed Buck”
“Beachin ‘: The Sound and Fury of Rick James”
“Black Patriots: Heroes of Civil War”
“Bob Ross: Happy Accident, Betrayal and Greed” Netflix
“Bobby Brown (Biography)”
“Brett” Hitman “Heart (Biography)”
“Civil War (or, who we think)”
“Sleeping dead”
“Dean Martin: The Cool King”
“Disney Gallery: The Book of the Dumb Fate” Disney +
“Elon Musk’s Crash Course (New York Times Presents)”
“Hug the Panda: Going Red” Disney +
“Escape from captivity: the story of Kara Robinson”
“Go Figure: The Randy Gardner Story”
“Holy Hist”
“I’m alive and not a victim.”
“Unsafe: End” HBO
“Keep up with Sondeheim (great performance)”
“KISStory (biography)”
“Mr. A and Mr. M: The Story of A and M Records.”
“Murder and disappearance in Montana” HBO
“No Responses Left”
“Oasis Knebworth 1996”
“Perfect World: A Deadly Game”
“Polar bear” Disney +
“Protection or neglect”
“Reopened: Broadway Revival (Great Performance)”
“Return to space” Netflix
“Space Shatner”
“Legacy of Black Wall Street”
“Marfa Tapes”
“The most magical story in the world: 50 years of Walt Disney World”
“The Real Black Panther”
“The Rise and Fall of Lularo”
“Super Bob Einstein Film” HBO
“The Way Down: God, Grade and the Cult of Nguyen Shumblin” HBO
“Soon: Comedy after 9/11”
“We Remember: Survival Songs”
“What happened, Brittany Murphy?” HBO
“Wolfgang” Disney +

2022 Primetime Emmy Award Prediction

2022 Creative Arts Amis Prediction

About the Primetime Emmy Awards (Emmy)

The Primetime Emmy Awards, Better known as Amy, is awarded by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS). Since 1949, the awards have recognized recognition for excellence in American primetime television programming. These are divided into three categories – Primetime Emmy Awards, Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards (honoring artists’ achievements), and Primetime Engineering Emmy Awards (recognizing significant engineering and technological contributions). The general eligibility period is from June 1 to May 31 of any given year. The Television Academy consists of more than 25,000 members, representing 30 professional peer groups, including performers, directors, producers, art directors and various artisans and executives.

  • The 74th Emmy Awards will be held on Monday, September 12, and will air on NBC

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