February 8, 2023


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5 Motivations To Make The Sway To Vaping

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Still, hesitating about whether to vape Elf Bars? Or are you actively seeking change? Whatever your situation is, here’s a discussion of the top five reasons to switch from smoking to vaping. From health benefits to saving money, it’s a sure thing that some of them apply to your current situation. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Health Is Wealth:

The main reason to quit smoking is the damage it does to your body, which most likely leads to death. Don’t just take our word for it; Public Health England has stood by our industry year after year, reiterating its claim that “vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking”. This costs the NHS billions of pounds every year, on top of preventable deaths. To quote Michael Russell, developer of nicotine gum and father of tobacco harm reduction, “People smoke for nicotine but die for tar.

2. Money:

There are so many articles that provide an update on the current annual cost of smoking and vaping and puts things in perspective. To powerfully summarise the points made in this article, smokers spend an average of £4,015 per year on developing their habit, while Elf Bar users spend an average of £397 over the same period. That’s a huge price difference, and the gap widens every year.

In short, switching to vaping can save you a lot of money in the long run especially when you get your hands on the Lost Mary 3500, Crystal Bar 4000 disposable vapes. Tobacco prices seem to continue to rise, while the vaping industry has seen prices drop over the years, especially when it comes to blended e-liquids.

3. It Is More Eco-Friendly:

Did you know that cigarette butts are the world’s largest plastic pollutant? An estimated 4.5 trillion plastic bags are thrown away every year and cannot biodegrade due to the toxic chemicals in them. They often find their way into waterways and possibly the sea, where they can cause more damage than bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic bags and straws. E-cigarettes completely eliminate the tipping factor of cigarettes, instantly eliminating serious environmental concerns.

4. Let’s Welcome Yourself Into The World Of Flavours:

It’s doubtful how many people like the smell of tobacco on their clothes or in the air. Clearly prove this wrong. But the bad smell is one of the main stigmas of smoking. Switching to vaping offers users a variety of options when it comes to flavoured e-liquids. Your favourite candies, cakes, and baked goods (etc.) may already be in e-liquid form, especially in these well-known vape bars like Elf Bar, Lost Mary 3500, and Crystal Bar 4000.

5. Restore Your Taste Buds:

Additionally, quitting smoking will help you regain much of the sense of taste that was lost through smoking. Taste and smell are closely related, and smoking affects both; this happens in two ways. First, the taste buds are deformed and flattened, affecting the ability to perceive flavours correctly. When you quit smoking completely and try different flavours in vape kits, your taste buds start to restore.

Final Word:

Elf Bars are environmentally friendly. One of the benefits of using disposable pods is that it is not only safer from a health standpoint but also more environmentally friendly. Because the only thing you throw away while using it is a small used pod that can be disposed of properly. With no butts to throw away, get your favourite Lost Mary 3500, and Crystal bar 4000 pods and enjoy these lovelies on your nights out.

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