April 2, 2023


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6x9ine chart dramatics – Ariana Grande takes shots as different

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Produced YouTube vs. Single Sales vs. Playing? These are the dramatic slogans in a chart battle between Ariana Grande and rapper 6ix9ine, as she later returned to recording after being in prison.

Grand’s duet with Justin Bieber, “Stick with You”, which first benefited the Response Children’s Foundation, topped the Billboard Hot 100, while 6ix9ine’s comeback “GUBA”, which claimed to be the American artist’s fastest video with 100 million YouTube views, 3 Opens the number.

The rapper has complained of selling hippies to Grand’s camp, while some sources have speculated that 6ix9ine’s associates gave his “GOOBA” fairly fake YouTube dramas. He complained that Billboard and Nielsen Music / MRC had reduced its video streams, even though the billboards were priced from paid customers from free platforms.

Rapper 6ix9ine’s two years away – as part of a deal with federal law enforcement officials, a sentencing verdict has been issued where the 23-year-old (real name Daniel Hernandez) introduced gang members and convicted nine federal offenses, including routing, conspiracy, firearms and four. Drug trafficking – So when his expectations were high for his return Instagram went live on May 8 iu York native and an end to what was already 15 million for him, as the stream immediately brought to 2 million viewers, while preparing for his new music was to exclude all the metrics that point to big steps.

It comes a few hours later when “GUBA” hits YouTube and DSPs. Within a day of release, a press release issued by technology-driven music company Create Music Group claimed that “GUBA” surpassed Taylor Swift’s “I” and Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” to reach as the fastest video of an American artist. 100 million views. As of Saturday, YouTube has not yet validated the distinction that “GOOBA” has achieved. As of this writing, 6ix9ine’s video count is at the top of 180 million views.

Today (May 18) ixix9ine is screaming and crying, insisting on the rent of a four-minute long Instagram story that an entity working for Grand, who operated Scooter Brown with Bieber, bought 20,000,000 units of the song at the last minute to increase the song’s chart position. For using six credit cards. He does not mention Bieber by name. Nielsen Music, 6ix9ine of Billboard’s chart engine, says: “You can buy the No. 1S on Billboard.… You were cheated again.” The rental gained 4.5 million views in three hours.

“Sales count for more price than current,” Grande responded on Instagram. In fact they do, because a sale of a download, a purchase of 99 cents, makes an artist especially entitled to 10% or more, compared to a flow that is considered a fraction of a penny. In fact, in the less complex formula that Billboard manages to chart 200 albums, 1,250 paid streams is the equivalent of an album sale, but the mix of Hot 100, which includes radio play, is disappointing (Billboard released a simple explanation provider today).

To decode a rapper’s speech requires a deep dive into one of the most walled processes in the entertainment business: the Billboard Hot 100 Rules. Rules exist, but labels are fortunate to find a copy somewhere outside the Nelson chart, even if the formula is informed.

Since the Billboard chart was introduced in 1956, it has always mixed sales and radio data to determine the relative popularity of songs. In late 1991, the source received an upgrade to a unit count with units then known as SoundScan and Broadcast Data Systems, then AirPlay monitored from a Billboard section.

On-demand data streams such as Spotify and Apple Music were added in September 2012, but the labels were initially split over whether YouTube should be included, raising fears that user-generated videos would have an undue effect on some viral hits. As of February 2013, Billboard has added YouTube plays that include authorized audio in official videos or user-generated clips.

The billboard recently revised its Hot 100 formula in 2018 to one according to a label source, with payment streams divided by 1,250 dramas, free streams divided by 1,875, and programmed streams – like Pandora and other digital radio sources – divided by 2,500. . Radio listeners have been divided into 6,000, and song sales have been divided by five.

Applying a factor to the sale is a recent wrinkle. Previously, a sale was a sale, such as the Billboard 200 album chart remains The next list just started using YouTube dramas earlier this year, 1,250 dramas from paying customers or 3,750 dramas from a free tier equivalent to an album sale, same metrics on-demand audio Was applied to streams.

To watch the video, the rexed 6ix9ine number for the week ending May 14 is unusually high for songs near the top of the chart. Of the five tracks Alpha Data saw in the first week of “GUBA”, 60% of its streams contained video, the other four songs had a more general 80% audio / 20% video ratio. In the Rolling Stone Top Song chart flowing from Alpha Data, updated numbers are expected soon.

Pointing to Roddy Rich’s “The Box” as the debut of the largest use of 70% audio / 30% video since Alda Data began tracking music, a data-intelligent source in the Matrix says, “From a pattern perspective, this is an appetite,” 2015. ” It was a concerted effort to influence the charts. He was drinking juice and juice. ”

Another source claims that YouTube saw six times the normal amount of bot activity for “GUBA” and that video view counts are currently being investigated by Google, YouTube’s parent company. A spokesman for Create Music Group denied the allegations Diversity, “Obviously, they did not use a bot firm to view video images on” GOOBA. “

In a statement, a Google representative added: “YouTube takes seriously the abuse of our systems, such as attempts to artificially promote video viewers and take action against known abusers, including terminating their YouTube accounts. Spam bots, malware and other Provide that data for This process reflects the YouTube video’s view count on a proprietary technology to prevent the artificial currency was appointed. “

When the magazine added streaming data to its source in 2012, labels were split over whether YouTube dramas should be added to billboard charts, with some user-generated videos somewhat concerned about the viral impact on the Hot 100.

Although streams were added to the song charts in October of that year, YouTube sat on the sidelines, but in February 2013 Billboard announced that it would add YouTube dramas of official music videos and user-generated videos that include label-approved audio to the Hot 100 and other music charts. . Pandora became part of this mix in 2017.

In December, Billboard announced that YouTube dramas would be added to its album writing counts earlier this year. Streams of audio services have been part of its album formula since the end of 2014, then modified the equivalent value of its single and album chart streaming in 2018.

The three artists who are contributors to Universal Music Group – Grand to Republic, Diff Jam from Bieber and 10K from ixix9ine have signed on to the project – although create GUBAs distributed to industry observers.

Who will win the battle of public opinion? Advantage: Grande, whose message took a humble view of the 6ix9ine verdict: “You can’t underestimate it as much as you try,” he wrote on Instagram. “I ask anyone or anyone who is dissatisfied with their place in this week’s chart to spend as much time on their brains as they think on how to deprive hard-working women (and for some reason only women… ..) of their humiliation. Take a moment. Thank you for being here. People who want to hear from you. It’s a lot for me. Blessed position.I have had a lot of ‘almost a lot of people’ in my career and I’ve never said anything devastating because I’m grateful to be here. I want to hear from everyone সক and you should feel the same way. Congratulations to all my talented ass colleagues on this week’s Top Ten . Even the number 3. “

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