February 8, 2023


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’80s for Brady’ director Kyle Marvin recalls ‘wild’ first reaction to Tom Brady in Patriots uniform

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Kyle Marvin’s feature directorial debut, “80 for Brady” is an epic retelling of the 2017 Super Bowl, in which then-New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady led his team to a historic comeback victory. But the sports comedy is grounded in terrifying realism as former Patriots like Brady and Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman don their old jerseys for a cinematic reenactment of the nail-biting game.

“There was a moment when we closed all the trailer sets, and I went back to the trailers for something and I passed out,” Marvin said. diversity. “It was Tom and Gronk, Amendola and Edelman in their period — Super Bowl specific — attire. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s wild.’

That same day, Brady leaked a photo on Twitter of him and his fellow teammates sporting their 2017 championship looks, despite ongoing efforts to keep outfit details under wraps: “Breaking news: Nah just kidding, we got the band back together though the ’80s shoot for Brady. Do,” Brady captioned the July 2022 post.

A plethora of historical footage was used to replicate the nuances of clothing and makeup worn by players in championship games. Marvin said that the smoky physical details of the black under-eye makeup were key contributors to the film’s believability, along with a convincing performance from Brady himself, living the game first-hand.

“I have worked with non-actors before and there is always a bit of a learning curve. And we were texting before he was coming to perform, and I was giving him my thoughts and advice on acting,” explained Marvin. “When we got there, he said something to me, which was like, ‘I love coaching. I like the coach; So you are the coach now.’ We both had that kind of trust and respect.”

The upcoming film follows the true story of four female friends from their ’80s — played by Academy Award winners Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Morena and Sally Field — who attend the 2017 Super Bowl for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Brady play the Patriots. The team where the now seven-time Super Bowl champion entered his first 20 seasons in the league.

“8,000 people inside this stadium, each with an incredible story of how they got there and what that game meant to them at that moment,” Marvin said. “But what we captured was the foundation of a true relationship between four female friends who love patriots. That was kind of the jumping off point for this particular story, but everyone has a story, and we hope to somehow encapsulate the spirit of all those stories in this particular story.”

Despite not being the main character, Brady’s title role in the period piece provides a thoughtful reflection on his storied career. The film’s release comes at the end of a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which Brady signed in 2020 after his long tenure with the Patriots.

“To be successful that long, you can’t help but love or hate — but be respected regardless,” Marvin said of Brady. “That respect eventually turned into just admiration. And I think there’s a lot of admiration for Tom in his career and what he’s accomplished. It’s undeniable how successful he is and how successful women are.”

Moving forward, Marvin suspects Brady, who also produced the upcoming film, will “pursue what he finds most challenging” — whether that’s another season with the Bucs or retiring from football for a more on-set role in Hollywood. Be it .

“80 for Brady” will premiere worldwide on Jan. 5 at the opening of the 34th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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