March 29, 2023


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A cardboard tail for rebirth … and rock – variety

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Belief – an old-fashioned form, called spiritual or religious – is a worldly but ethereal belief. Yet most movies fall into the category known as “faith-based”, most of them literally, You-see-it-to-believe-it Quality. They are about believing in something here and now, yet they are involved in miracles that are as quantitative and high as the imaginary rationality of a secular person.

Take “Strong Oak”, for example. It is one of the first movies to be released in theaters since the beginning of the epidemic, and technically it is not a “faith-based movie.” Which is to say: it doesn’t wrap up in a somewhat neat-bow pure message aimed specifically at the market. No, it’s a blurry head, a poorly crafted cheeseball scallop fabulous for everyone!

Yet the movie, which tells the story of a 10-year-old rock ‘n’ roll prodigy, is about believing in the mysterious event of rebirth so yes, it’s a belief-based film.

However, “Mighty Oak” is a faith-based film that will not go out of place on the Disney Channel, even if it has nothing to do with Disney. It’s a Paramount release, coming to any drive-in theater or Midwister Megaplex not near you. And if you take the initiative to look at it in that context, you may have a moment “God! Is this the future of film?” Horrible. You might think it’s going to be a dystopian legacy of cinema: driving-in or sitting in a megaplex, watching pieces of genial junk and pretending you’re having fun.

Okay, I’m assuring you here: it’s not the future. It’s the first half of June!

“Mighty Oak” opens with Gina (General Parish, from “Pretty Little Lawyers”), the director of a San Diego rock band called Army of Love, trying to get the band on stage at a local club, which means navigating sexy lead singer’s comedy, VN ) By the name of Eddie Veder’s Knockoff, who may be Gina’s brother. They’re a growing band – it looks like they’ve just landed the gig of the opening dream for Arcade Fire for three shows at the Hollywood Bowl. But while driving their night out in Los Angeles, they collide with another car on the Freeway, an accident that kills Von and leaves the band’s dreams in tatters.

After 10 years, the band members still live in the Ocean Beach district of San Diego, and Ginao (who now has blue hair), not all of them work at the risk of hard work. But only when fate allows Gana to cross the path with Oak (Tommy Reagan), even if there is a gip at school, it could be the Rock ‘n’ Roll Wizard. He was with his ailing, druggy mother (Alexa Penevega) on top of the coffee shop where the band hung up, and D.B. (Rodney Hicks), who owns the place, gives him Vaughn’s old Taylor guitar.

It was at this point that Gina began to notice something. A picture of Vaughn on the oak wall in the coffee shop pointing with the devil-horn fingers; Van Stage cuts the flashback and grabs the devil’s horn. Oak sounds just like him! Oak can – pendant! – Will Von be reborn?

Before we move on, let’s talk about a cosmic truth: No child should be named Oak. But here’s how “Mighty Oak” works. If ok No. Vaughn’s rebirth, then we see his meaningless dumb afterschool special about a shameless prococious kid who is acting in his own school. But if ok Is Von’s rebirth, then it means we can give that metaphorical feeling: the universe is connected! With the reunion of Army of Love, Oak is now present as their lead musician, Tommy Reagan, who actually looks like he’s going to grow up, Tom Chaplin of Kane, he assures you that he can sing, run and play lead guitar. You can. And Janelle Parish, who was acting as a doctor under the name “Jean Jacket” (yes, that’s the kind of movie), caught more arcade fire than her peers. Especially when no one believes that his dead rock-star brother is alive.

But director Shawn McNamara is hitting the most ragged clich ন note. A Hallmark romantic scene unfolds before sunset on Hallmark Beach. The same established shot of Lestat’s apartments above the coffee shop is used about 12 times. A subplot about how Von’s guitar goes missing is so sketchy that it just makes sense. “Mighty Oak” is a movie that turns rebirth into cardboard.

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