April 2, 2023


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A documentary about three alt-right influencers – different

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A striking scene in the influential and disturbing documentary portrait of Daniel Lambroso’s three right influencers in “White Noise” shows Richard Spencer, a rock star of white nationalism, who speaks like a nude corporate assistant and appears to have fine gelted hair. Be the designer version (although Hitler didn’t have James Garner’s sideburns), getting ready to give a lecture at Michigan State University. In the white-cinder-block green room when he panicked that he found out that there was a riot going on outside, hundreds of students were protesting his presence.

You think he can welcome publicity; Steve Bannon will, of course. But Spencer, who was originally a troubled trust-funded kid, feared he would be blamed for another catastrophe, such as what happened in Charlottesville, Va. Put there on August 11 and 12, 2017, a white supremacist who drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters killed him. Spencer was one of the speakers in Charlottesville and a few months later he was asked if he thought he had blood on his hands. He is not surprised. “Do we have fucks in Charlottesville anymore?” He said he was not speaking with visible concern. If so, will he be guilty this time?

His attitude can be summarized as follows:

Yes, I am a proud white supremacist, anti-Semitic and neo-fascist. Yes, I think America is “a nation of Europeans” and it should continue. And yes, I would like to go out and tell this truth to my fellow right-wingers and all of Magar’s loyal people. But the riot? Violence? People are dying? Hey, it’s not like I like it Wounded Someone!

The subject of “White Noise” is racist white nationalism and people who believe in America, but the characters at the center of the film are not neo-clan fake-draggers from Hitland. They are hip, attractive, relatively young social media-friendly self-promoters. They are the people who have turned their hatred into a brand. The films are as deeply shallow and self-confusing as they are published by hypocrites.

In addition to Richard Spencer, the film follows the activities of Lauren Southern, an Al-Dan Rabel-Rauser of Canadian descent, who was in her early twenties when the film was shot; With her silky and highly personalized demeanor, she suggested 90s Gwyneth Petro to play Ann Coulter’s younger sister. The angry roster is Mike Kornovich, who began as a male-movement agro guru in the “Magnolia” character Tom Cruise, then the conspiracy theorist and the “meme mastermind” (he was the one who introduced that imitation – Hillary Clinton, Parkinson’s Disease in 2001 and others.) Received news of a mysterious illness) and now uses Al-Dan Parania as a vehicle for life-sustaining sales like Alex Jones.

In “Musculin Feminine”, Jean-Luc Gerrard referred to the 1930s youth as the “children of Marx and Coca-Cola.” If so, these are the children of Trump and YouTube. Call them “White Power Trek: The Next Generation” Call Brett Easton Ellis If he wrote a novel about three rotating heroes, and they were media manipulators who became celebrities on the right, and he would turn his head to see what’s inside, He could probably create a scandal to compete with what he created 30 years ago with “American Psycho”. And the book may look a lot like “White Noise.” No. A work of fiction, though at some level you’re thinking about it: it takes reality to create characters individually like these.

By that, I don’t want to enlighten this issue. The people at the center of this movie are violent and dangerous fanatics, a “philosophy” that represents nothing less than an attack on the humanist consciousness of the Western world. Yet they are also fools, servants and transparent hacksters. They don’t just turn hate into a brand. They play it like a product.

What Spencer is saying at MSU is to a disgusting crowd (it has several scraggly-bearded old hippies who look like recent Ashby ghosts) and when it’s over he walks down the street and the MSU students fall in love. “I’m being beaten and harassed,” he told Duke in the parking garage. Ah, the danger of propagating eugenic racism! The film, however, includes more disturbing clips, such as the one Spencer gave in Washington shortly after Trump’s election. We see him go to the media (Spencer: “Maybe we should mention them in native German, lügenpresse“- Hitler’s words for” false press “) and” Hole Trump! ” He ended his remarks with a shout that inspired a lot of Nazi salutations from the audience. Turning off the camera, he said, “I’ve spent my whole life in this whole multicultural world and I’m trying to get out of it,” as if it were an explanation. He does it somehow: he is trying to escape by killing America.

Mike Sernovich, for one, has criticized Spencer’s extremist rhetoric because he thinks it has marginalized the cause. Carnovich is close to being the bro version of Steve Bannon, working to bring white nationalism into the mainstream. But the fact that he is less important about it seems to him to be an opportunist who has lashed out at al-Dandi as a marketing driver. His wife, an Iranian-American, is a fact that contradicts him. Then again, part of the sickness of racism in the Trump era is how far it has moved from reality.

The first documentary “White Noise”, produced by Atlantic, has a loose story structure, but Lambroso did his homework, embedding himself with these people for several years, in order to gain their confidence and become personal in their personal lives. Between the lines, he catches what a weak deceiver he is – even Richard Spencer, the former Wanabe Theater director who declared, “I’m bigger than this movement,” but what a piece of theater! Without this movement he would be nothing. He is a mandak with great dress as a leader.

The most complex person in the film is Lauren Southern, who rose to prominence by sharply condemning Fox News-level feminism, but we see that she has drawn herself into a corner. At first, he came out to a right-wing worker’s lunch and when he brought up the issue of wanting to have children and declared that “we have a responsibility to reproduce among all Europeans,” he gave him a courtesy smile and said, Cool way. ” It’s like a date-on-ass episode of “Alt-Right Bachelorette”. You think: What did he expect? He also had a heated argument with Gavin McKinsey, co-founder of Vice Media’s baggy bearded hipster, who caught a compromising phone call with him on a Lambroso variant camera.

But Dakshini, for all her neo-traditional theological ideals, is not joking about her passion for being a mother. Late in the movie, it is revealed that she is pregnant, carried together by a boyfriend. (They are now married and have a son)) We never see him – but we are told, and Lambroso asks him about the truth, he is not white. For once, he tied his tongue. “White Noise” is a deadly serious movie, but it is also, in a certain way, a fun one because it captures the humor and how much the hate influencers have now made their lives miserable with their belief systems.

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