March 21, 2023


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A variety of dirty questions, including Mia Trudeau

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Mia Trudeau Nearly two decades have passed since Hilton and Holland were designed and built by Paul Williams in the late 1930s, representing some of the distinctive features of Los Angeles, including Liongate. Born and raised in Lincoln, Neb., Trudeau learned the ropes of real estate from his family, who have been in the business for decades. After leaving a career in the fashion industry, she settled in Los Angeles and created the promotional and event company IM Productions. Last year he and his fianc জেন Jennik Rozkovani founded Planck & Stone, a concept designed by designers, architects, re-modelers and developers to work together through a carefully selected selection of building materials.

Describe the most beautiful house you were in. St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria.

What is your favorite architectural style? Modern

What is your idea of ​​perfect philosophy? View from my home in Sherman Oaks, the border of my Studio City. From my main habitat area we have a huge view of a part of the transverse mountain ranges of the San Gabriel Mountain Range. Framed by trees and filled with birds, it has a central park feel with almost green tree tops and city lights flashing at night.

Where do you want to live? Where I live now is Sherman Oaks. I have lived on seven continents and dreamed of staying one day on a peaceful island or in a European metropolis. I dream of building a resort in the countryside between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Which house did you spend most of your time in as a child? My bedroom. I always put my furniture away about rewriting and dancing to my Michael Jackson albums.

What is it that you can’t live without? My fiance, Janik Rozkovani. My heart and soul and best friend.

What qualities do you admire among your friends? Many of my friends work in real estate and I love that they are all so smart. These are also quite diverse.

What is your biggest fear? I lost someone for a tragic accident. I bear this loss when my sister, Jennifer, 18, died at the hands of a drunk driver a mile from our country home.

Does social media give people false expectations of life? It depends on how seriously you take it. Social media is a form of advertising and it is a useful tool for businesses to find out your story. However, it is a dangerous and serious mistake to set your own value by it, or how you might like or follow it.

Which three people, living or dead, would you invite to your dinner party? Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Carson (he came from Nebraska like me), and my all time favorite actor Tom Hanks.

Which aspect of your personality has created the most problems for you in life? I am a perfectionist.

Who is your favorite architect? Which is hadid

Which song makes you cry all the time? “All by Myself” by Kalin Diane. My mother used to tell me that when I was thousands of miles away to work as a fashion model, she always thought of me when she heard the song; I cry when I hear it because I think how much we have missed each other.

What is the proper action when everything around you is breaking down? Take a break and take a moment, make a plan and draw with it.

When did you fall in love Four years ago, when I met my only love, Janik Rozkovani. We have planned a wedding this year, but we may be delayed due to the Covid-19 situation. Or if it’s safe to do we can just miss out and have a big party.

When was the last time you surprised yourself? I was dealing with a difficult situation at work and I was surprised when I managed to stand up for myself and say what I needed to say. I have been told this is one of my strongest cases

What is the most challenging thing about aging? Achi bones and legs. I love myself more now than I did when I was younger and take care of myself so I don’t care so much about age. The thought of losing my life makes me a little sad.

What was so important to you when you were young that you no longer feel pressured? What others thought of me. I am happy with myself and will not find what others think important.

Which movie can you watch again and again? “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

What is your definition of luxury? Something that is not absolutely essential but is expensive, desirable or valuable and provides great comfort. I don’t think you should do without luxury if you can afford it.

What is your greatest waste? I like to spend money on my home. This is by far the most important investment ever made.

What is the most managed misconception about money? It defines you. Money is freedom and it gives you the means to experience something in life that gives you joy.

What are your ideas about fun? Crossing the Mediterranean with friends and a bottle of Rose, going to see a live DJ set, my dog, Gabe, walks through the mountains.

When and where were you happiest? I have never been happier right now.

How do you want to die? I am much older, much older when I sleep.

Which talent do you like the most? I love to draw and write and I think I have talent for both but haven’t had time to do more than both. Definitely sing and I can’t do better.

What would you consider your biggest achievement? My career and the relationships I have built along the way

What are your thoughts on an important achievement? Something you were prepared to do that is not easy, and for that you are recognized. It may not always go as planned but it has become part of your energy definition.

What is your most valuable asset? My house

Who are your heroes? My father and mother. They taught me a lot about values ​​and patient and kind behavior and I have been really looking forward to them for 51 years for their marriage.

What is your biggest regret? I don’t really have anything.

What is the most significant historical event in your life? Was 9/11 not significant enough? We once lost a lot of freedom.

What is important to you today? Staying at peace with myself, loving my friends and family and having fun!

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