September 22, 2021


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About half of the world’s movies are back on track

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According to the UK, the resurgence of COVID-19 in places including California, Hong Kong and the Australian state of Victoria has led to new lockdowns and house-to-house bans, with almost half of the world’s films now re-launched, according to Gowar Street Analytics.

This should come as a bit of a relief to exhibitors and distributors who have been hit by recent industry developments other than coronavirus. Last week, AMC Theaters and Universal Pictures closed their long-standing animosity by agreeing to significantly shrink exclusive drama windows, while this week, Disney disappointed many more viewers as “Mulan” will go live streaming to markets where its Disney Plus service is on. .

Gower Street data shows that movies representing 48% of the global box office were open last weekend. The figure jumped significantly from 41% a week ago and from 28% before Chinese movies returned to action on July 18.

Most of the world’s movies now deal with physical distance or other affordability barriers, meaning revenue growth still doesn’t match the growing number of active spaces. Gower Street calculates that the global box office value from Sunday to weekend was 90 90 million.

The company uses box historical box office data from individual movies to calculate box office availability instead of the raw screen numbers for each movie. It then compares those figures with comScore data, whose numbers are incomplete, but are claimed to be closest to worldwide box office reports.

China, which has the world’s largest commercial cinema screen, is in the process of reopening. Data on box office availability in China in the first weekend and 3% in the second weekend after the reopening of Guar Street data.

China was not the only contributor to global expansion. An extended reopening process in the United States, particularly with the reopening of the Seinworld chain and allowing Russia to reopen in Russia on Saturday, also helped.

A huge number of Spanish movies made Santiago Segura’s “Father There’s Only One 2” and raised Spanish box office revenue by 172% to 2.4 million. This raised the box office availability score in Europe, the Middle East and Africa from 50% the previous week to 59% over the last weekend.

Weekend contributions have totaled 6.4 billion worldwide to date. This is a 4% or ৮ 18.6 billion shortfall, compared to the ২৪ 24.5 billion cumulative revenue typically printed by this point in the year.

The biggest loss to date has been from the international market, which is about .8 12.8 billion more than its three-year average, including China, or 8 8 billion if China is left out of the equation.

China is generally the world’s second-largest box office market, but closed nearly six months this year, resulting in a 4.8 billion loss. Gawar Street calculates that the China-to-date box office has dropped by a whopping 94%.

July 31-August. Over the weekend, the number of Chinese theatrical performances increased, becoming the first local release film to release প্রথম 3.6 million with “Enigma of Advent.” The $ 3.2 million score was then achieved by “Interstellar” reprinted in one day.

In contrast, the North American (or domestic) box office is still heavily damaged by COVID-19, and the number of open-air theaters in most states declined last week. California has reopened interior spaces. Last weekend, the number of reporting offices for movie theaters in the United States dropped from more than a thousand to about 950, but the number of data reports at Canadian cinema halls exceeded 200 for the first time since March.

Grosses in North America are estimated by Gower Street to be G7.7 billion compared to their three-year average.

What currently remains of the business is largely driven by drive-in. ComScore estimates that they accounted for 644% of the North American box office last weekend. For the second weekend in a row, the Saturday box office topped the 20 million mark – the highest single day in the last two Saturdays since closing in mid-March.

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