September 22, 2021


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Adam lists the Newman Bay Area compound

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Adam Newman, former chief executive of Workspace-Sharing Behemoth Work, is digging up luxury real estate property at an almost rapid pace, with tenants vacating desks at his former firm involved. The last of his spacious homes to jetize from the flying financial portfolio of him and his wife Rebecca Newman is the mansion in the Bay Area, about 11-acre hilltop estate. Similar – you got it! – a guitar), and Newman hopes that the listed price of price 2.5 million will force Ne Well-Hill to find a self-contained eco-compound with potential buyers.

Sitting on Madera’s stunning rolling hills in Korte, Marine County, about 10 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge, the giant house was once owned by the influential late rock ‘n’ roll preacher Bill Graham. Redesigned with renowned eco-architect Sim van der Rin, the court has a total of seven bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms in a 14,000-square-foot compound, about 10,000 square feet of original home, two-bedroom guest house, yoga studio and indoor rankball. Lightly bathed and covered with natural wood zen-like palettes, creamed polished stones and modern art, this unique spread offers stunning views of the San Francisco skyline and scenic parks that make it ideally suited as an eco-friendly, luxurious ride. “In today’s new environment, this is probably the most attractive Southern Marine offer to explore the ultimate private luxury and spacious resort lifestyle,” said Joshua Deach, compass agent who holds the list.

Ideasiscreatic property is more like a five-star environmental retreat than a more traditional theatrical home. The property includes a health club, a professional recording studio / screening room and a commercial-grade waterslide that leads down to a swimming pool and spa. Off-the-grid the grid includes solar panels, a private water well, geothermal heating and cooling systems, a herbal garden and greenhouse, a chicken coop for organic honey collection and bees. Who knew living off the grid could be so goog-darn luxurious?

This Gulf region follows in the footsteps of the vast East Coast Holdings of listed troublesome technical industries. Earlier this year, Newmans, who fled Tel Aviv to pursue a media investigation into the fight to rebuild the Covid-19 era, reported a ফার্ম 1.25 million loss in off-market sales of a charming farmhouse. Hampton’s Argy Water Mill area still has four units in their portfolio in a Snaji Townhouse complex in the Grammarcy Park area of ​​Manhattan that was acquired in a series of years in the ‘201s and ’17 transactions amounted to about ’35 million. Three of the units, a 1,250-square-foot dual and approximately 6,600-square-foot triplex penthouse, a combination of two units designed by Pietro Cicangani with the interior of Windsor Smith, are currently on the market at a combined price of 3.5.5 million. Now that 5.55 million, it was first put up for sale at. 35 million.

Newman was once the poster boy for technology-centric start-ups, and Weaver’s co-operative offices sprang up almost overnight in dozens of cities around the world like raiding forces. According to Bloomberg, Softbank’s bank-rolled Newmans, which has invested in numerous spin-off companies (Welive, Wegro) under the umbrella of the ‘Wee’ brand, was once valued at about 14 14 billion, although the company has not yet launched. Profit. However, a baked IPO was granted by Softbank in April and Newman’s leadership was called into question. He was subsequently deposed and his net worth rose to $ 450- $ 750 million, depending on which publication you read.

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