March 20, 2023


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Adds Twitter level, warns COVID-19 of controversial / misleading tweets – miscellaneous

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Twitter has sent new posts and warning messages containing “controversial or misleading information” about COVID-19, the agency said Monday.

The new label – which will be applied responsibly to older tweets – will be linked to a Twitter-linked page (or an external “trusted source”) with additional information on the claims.

If a Twitter post is considered particularly harmful, the social network could also apply a warning that would “inform the public that information about tweets conflicts with the guidelines of a public health expert before viewing it,” said Joel Roth, Twitter’s head of integrity at the site and director of policy strategy. Pickles announces new policy is a blow Wrote wrote the post

However, according to the agency, labels may not appear in embedded tweets or tweets shown by people not logged in to Twitter.

The move comes on the same day as a new Gallup / Knight Foundation study found that 68% of adults in the United States cited social media as two common sources of misinformation – along with 54% who identified the Donald Trump administration. It said more respondents (47%) chose the Trump administration as their first response to social media (15%). The survey was conducted on April 14-20.

Twitter’s latest attempt to combat coronavirus-related misinformation after social networks in March Criteria extended Harmful misinformation forms on the platform because it is related to coronavirus. The policy broadly prohibits content “that goes directly against authoritarian sources of global and local public health information” and includes a ban on “posting information about harmful treatments or protective measures known as inactive, not applicable to COVID-19, or to the public.” Sharing out of context to confuse “”

Twitter shared an example of how to view the new COVID-19 warnings:

To detect tweets containing “controversial or misleading information” about the coronavirus crisis, Twitter says its teams are actively monitoring content on networks using internal systems that help ensure “we are not expanding tweets with this warning or label” and identify higher Quickly visible content according to executives. Twitter said it was also relying on third-party partners to identify issues “which could lead to offline losses.”

Twitter says that regarding the COVID-19 label and warnings, it is focusing on three main categories of misleading information (statements or statements that experts have confirmed are false or misleading); Controversial claims (competition or anonymity in the claim, accuracy or credibility of a statement or statement); And verified claims (information that is not confirmed when shared).

The company has already taken some action against coronavirus misinformation. In March, for example, Twitter needed Fox News host Laura Ingraham to remove a tweet that promoted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the virus.

“We’ll learn a lot as we use these new labels, and we’re open to adjusting as we search for different types of misleading information labels,” Twitter executives wrote. “This process is ongoing and we will work to ensure that these and other labels and warnings appear on Twitter.”

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