October 16, 2021


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Adil Hossain Busan APM project ‘on the moon boat’

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The acclaimed Indian actor, and past Busan visitor, Adil Hussain (“Star Trek: Discovery,” “Life of Pi”) will be titled “Boat to the Moon”, one of the projects launched in the Asian Project Market at the Busan International Film Festival. It will be directed by first time feature director Triparna Banerjee.

The film, set in rural India, will follow a teenage girl who struggles to survive through drought, hardship and inequality as her father is pushed away by most of the villagers to engage in a heinous act. It is an adaptation of Saratchandra Chattopadhyay’s classic story “Mahesh” (Drought).

“One of the first reasons to engage myself with this project is that I am very closely involved in this story – since I grew up in Assam, my father was a big fan of Saratchandra, and he read the story. I came back a long time ago,” Hussein said. Diversity. The actor says that the characters in the story are “deeply bound” in his subconscious. “This is a very, very contemporary story that is happening across the country and the world,” Hussein said.

For Banerjee too, the project goes back to when he visited his remote ancestral village in Jharkhand, stories told by his grandmother and especially “Mahesh” which his father narrated in private time. Exploring the relationship of the bull. ” Diversity. “Even though I read‘ Mahesh ’at school, when I revisited the story, I was deeply attached to it. The story written 100 years ago is still so relevant, its relevance is growing every day. I weaved a new story from it with the farmer’s teenage daughter. ”

“The issues I’m looking at are inequality and human identity,” Banerjee said. “We are all the same as human beings, but we constantly isolate each other on the basis of race, caste, gender, religion, nationality, etc.”

The script was presented at the Global Media Makers Residency in 2019. Not unfamiliar to Banerjee Busan, his first film as a co-producer, Shivaji Chandrabhushan’s “Frozen”, was screened at the 2007 festival and he co-starred with Chandrabhushan at APM 2011 as a screenwriter. “One More”, released in 2012.

“Riding on the Moon Boat” is produced by Banerjee and Chandrabhushan’s White Owl Films with Kyoko Dan, who specializes in South and West Asian cinema and works as a distributor, promoter and curator of Asian cinema. Busan where Banerjee and Chandrabhushan first met Dan a decade ago.

“The story of the girl opening up her own future with her dream is connected to everyone around the world, especially in the present,” Dan said. Diversity. “Even if she has a serious situation, she can overcome it. We want to believe that she can do it. I think the girl in this story will encourage people living in this difficult modern society through film.”

About 120 120,000 of the $ 400,000 production budget has been raised so far from private equity sources.

Chandrabhushan said about APM, “Such a platform for an independent filmmaker gives a good glimpse into a project.” “People can learn about interesting projects. In other words it makes news. ”

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Triparna Banerjee, Shivaji Chandrabhushan, Kyoko Dan.
White Owl Films

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