March 25, 2023


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After Lady A, should Dixie’s kids reconsider their name as well? (Column) – Variety

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Dixie’s children have a reputation as one of the most progressive performers in country music. “Goodbye Earl,” if the Texas-born trio hit a shaky wife like 2000, who licked her husband’s poison in her black eyeballs, didn’t tell us, the woman in front, Natalie Menes, their liberalism – and their destiny – – later. “We are ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas,” he told an audience in London in 2003 about the US invasion of Iraq.

With this sentence, he shattered the good name of this group and stuck to their careers, which was not fully recovered. But about this name … Huppler’s big surprise was when he stood on the stage and declared himself a non-fan of Republican President George W. Bush, he and his bandmates, Marty Maguire and Emily Streyer, sisters under a moniker, that In no way has it been presented with more sophistication than Bush, who Kanye West once complained of not caring about blacks.

The trio took their name from a 1973 Little Fail album, “Dixie’s Chicken,” which is free without any public politics. Its subtext, of course, is a different story.

For the record, “Dixie” is White America, a celebration of the South of Tihya that is unbelievable from black slaves and the great trees where they were forced to work hard for free. The origin of the word is unclear though. One theory associates it with Jeremiah Dixon, who along with Charles Mason drew the Mason-Dixon line as the boundary of the four states which later became the informal separation between the free state and the slave states. Other less probable theories have identified it as “dicks” alongside a slave owner in Manhattan, a term written on Louisiana’s ten-dollar bill সি the Civil War, which is French for “ten.”

Regardless of its origin, for many black people, it transmits a time and a place of slavery. If any “Dixie” -sweet lover Souderna’s word today simply represents a deep appreciation of their homeland, they are probably white. Although the term is associated with the black gospel group Dixie Hummingbirds, founded in 1920 and the Dixie Cups, a group of 60 girls known as the “Chapel of Love”, these works date back to ancient times when it was still acceptable for blacks to be “negro” or “colorful.” To call. Times have changed dramatically, and it’s hard to imagine many Black Southerners tied up today Them Praising their homeland to “Dixie” even according to legend, it is the title of one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite songs (one, incidentally, where the author is interested in living in “the cotton field” because “there old times are not” forgotten “).

“Dixie”, however, did not bring down Dixie’s puppies. Considering the response to Minus’s 2003 remarks, many of the trio’s fans were Southern type who still lived and died for Dixie, or at least had a Republican-centric vision of the good old United States in this country. Radio immediately abandoned Dixie Chicks, who refrained from releasing new records for the next 14 years after the release of the Grammy-winning 200 single “Perfectly Ready” and the album “The Long Way”, although they continued to travel successfully. Last year the group joined Taylor Swift in her “Boyfriend” song “Soon You’ll Get Better”. This year, they finally resumed their careers as recording artists with the release of the single “Gaslighter” and the upcoming coroner virus-delayed album of the same name, which is now taking place on July 17th.

The delay was a good move – a global pandemic is definitely not the best time to start a big comeback – and obviously they have earning advisers. So why didn’t they persuade the woman to solve the problematic nature of their name?

Fans who were left out after Mennes Bush was ousted must have messed up with the name “Dixie Chicks” if the most pronounced to cry again. They will probably express it as a compliment for the modern South, not the Confederate South. They were probably defending the Confederate statue and “The Wind of the Wind” for the same reason that for them, they are not so much a sign of the racist past as they are a symbol of everything that makes the South special. In fact, they can’t be held accountable for Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers or Rosa Parks. Robert E. It was Lee, South Stonewall, Jackson, and Jefferson Davis who made the aforementioned black icons necessary and helped make their lives hell.

That’s exactly where some white rights ge when white people say they can create a sense of minority regardless of whether they want to hang on to their cultural patterns, this is the most passive-aggressive expression of white domination they basically say their history and heritage are more valuable than black history and heritage. Who doesn’t care when blacks are reminded of words like Confederacy and “Dixie” in chains? Clearly white southerners are more important.

In this case, country music has been problematic for decades. In the late 1950s, it made a singer named Stonewall Jackson a star. The Confederate railways suffered one blow after another in the 1990s. The Bellamy Brothers sang “You’re Not Just Whistlein ‘Dixie,” Alabama gave us “Dixieland Delight,” and went to number one in 1981 with Hank Williams Jr., one of Barack Obama’s leading composers and gays. “Dixie on My Mind.”

Even Johnny Cash, like Dickie Chicks, served as one of the most progressive countries of his time, hitting the country in the top 40 with “The General Lee” in 1982. He sang with Bo and Luke Duke’s car, a Confederate flag painted on its roof, driven by “Dukes of Hodgens” – a tribute to the pride of the South and the Confederacy’s top military leader.

And of course, the trio here, formerly known as Lady Antebellum as of June 11, the members of this group announced that they were changing their name to Lady A, to keep themselves away from the racist forgery of the word “Antebellum”, which literally means “before the war” in Latin. Was used in the language, but is usually used to describe life in the South during the Civil War. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to realize that Anita White, a black female blues singer based in Seattle, has been using the name for 20 years. What’s the matter? They present everything taken from blacks, drop a word and take something else from a black person.

The bandmates claim that they got the name from the Antibelam architectural style, which is really a fancy way to say “plant treatment”. They may not realize that they mean more than the “Antebellum” cold kind of spiral staircase. It suggests an era of cotton and slavery, when women wore hoop skirts and had names like Scarlett O’Hara. The planting quintessence of “The Wind Wind the Wind” was a reflection of an Antbelium woman. This is not to say that Lady A’s members are racist – even if they spend years ignoring the accusations of people who identify the meaning of slavery in their names. But in the post-George Floyd era you can no longer blow these voices away. “Lead you now” after the 2010 crossover was demolished. Since Lady A’s decade has been more stressful than anything else.

Dixie’s kids don’t need to change their names to get this kind of publicity, but their silence is becoming deaf. It should be discussed with us and should be a part of it. With the release of “Gaslighter” in the middle of a racial hell and a month’s vacation, Dixie Chicks’ name could learn more than the title of their return album.

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