September 21, 2021


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Alanis Morriset explodes ‘spotted’ documentary

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Keeping Alanis Morrisett away from “Jagged”, Alison Cleman claims in her upcoming documentary that it contains information that is “not just true” and had a “beneficial agenda” to blame the filmmakers.

“I agreed to take part in a celebration of the 25th anniversary of ‘Jagged Little Pill,’ and interviewed at a very risky time (when I was in my third postpartum depression during the lockdown),” she said in a statement. “I was tempted by a false sense of security and their valuable agenda became clear as soon as I saw the first cut of the film. That’s when I realized that our outlook was actually painfully detached. I was not willing to tell this story. I am sitting here now feeling the full impact of trusting someone who is not guaranteed to be trustworthy. I chose not to attend any events in the vicinity of this movie for two reasons: One is that I am on tour at the moment. The other is that, unlike many ‘stories’ and unapproved biographies over the years, it includes implications and truths that are simply not true. Although to make sure that there are elements of beauty and accuracy in this / my story – I will not endorse anyone else’s introductory story that cannot be understood or told too subtly to them.

The Washington Post reported last week that the film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, included allegations of legal rape against unnamed men by Morriset, and the singer refused to promote the film.

In an interview with Deadline published on Tuesday, Kleman basically avoided the controversy, saying, “Of course, it would have been great if he could have stayed with us, but I’m grateful for the time he made this film.

“I think it’s really hard to watch a movie made about yourself,” he said. “I think he was incredibly brave and the reaction when he saw it was that it really was – he could feel all the work, all the subtlety that was in it. And again, he gave her a lot of time and a lot of effort to do it and I think the movie really speaks for itself.

Morrisett is on the 25th anniversary tour of its “Jagged Little Pill,” which runs through October 6 in North America and launches in Europe on October 28.

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