January 31, 2023


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Alberto Moffelman launched the company with Gael García Bernal’s ‘El Origen’

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42 Films, a new Madrid and Mexico City-based film-TV company produced by Alberto Muffelman, an executive producer of the early Sundance hit “Cassandro,” is producing the first title under the helm of “El Origen” by Gael García Bernal.

Based in Madrid and Mexico City, the new shingle is helmed by Müfflemann, whose producer credits include “Museum,” Alfonso Ruizpalacio’s Berlin 2018 Best Screenplay winner, Fernando Frias’ 2019 “I’m Not Here Anymore” — a jarring, timely piece of cinema I’m All About. Begging to see,” said Guillermo del Toro – and 2013 Best Picture Ariel winner “The Prize,” directed by Paula Markovich.

42 The film underscores the drive towards international co-production by the world’s major arthouse players as they seek to develop titles of theatrical potential in contracted markets.

News of Muffelman’s new shingle comes as “Cassandro,” starring Garcia Bernal as openly gay lucha libre wrestler Saul Armendariz, won widespread critical acclaim after its early bow at Sundance.

“[Director] Roger Ross Williams overcomes the clichés of his respectable biopic of the openly gay Mexican wrestler who won over fans of a notoriously gay sport,” writes Peter Debruge. diversity.

One of Mexico’s most ambitious movies made in cut-out stop-motion and 2D animation, “El Origen,” is made with La Corriente del Golfo, the Mexican outfit set in 2018 by Gael García Bernal, and Diego Luna. They are currently tying up more partners in Canada and France, Müfflemann said.

“El Origen” is inspired by the work and destiny of the real-life Jacobo Greenberg, a brilliant young Mexican neurophysiologist who witnessed a healing experience in 1978 with Pacita, a famous shaman who performs surgery in a deep trance. The experience changed his life.

Gael Garcia Bernal at MUSEO
far horizon

“El Origen” will be directed by animator Pedro “Zulu” González, who has worked in a wide range of creative roles in famous Mexican movies, as sound designer for Alonso Ruizpalacio’s “Gueros” and composer for Alejandra Marquez’s “Semana Santa.” ” It was produced by Magali Rocha (“Luiv”) and Muffelman.

Film 42’s first slate also takes on Mexico’s post-revolutionary drama “La Suerte de Juan,” from Carlos Armelare, who won the Venice Golden Lion, directed the short “Tierra e Pan,” Netflix’s first full-length non-English series, “Club of Crocs.” . whose second feature, the Cannes Atelier title “¡Ánimo Juventud!” There was an HBO US pick-up released in Mexico by Piano Distribution. Film 42 produced alongside Seema, Zensky (“Fireflies”) and Tota.

“The House of Flowers” ​​stars iconic lead Cecilia Juarez, Arcelia Ramirez (“Veronica”) and Bruno Beach (“Little Eggs: An African Rescue”) in “Luvia,” produced by Central Films and 42 Films. Directed by Rodrigo García Saiz, the six-episode drama, set in a rain-soaked Mexico City, is written by Paula Markovich, (“Lake Tahoe,” “The Box”). Film 42 produced with Mexico’s Central Films. The work of the film is now over.

As already announced, 42 Films is a minority partner in Roger Gual’s romantic thriller “Mala Influencia,” produced by ex-Netflix exec Juan Main and set up in Spain’s Nadi S. Perfecto, The 42 Films and Wattpad Webtoon Studios.

“The main idea is to broaden the spectrum, to start making headlines in Europe — not just Spain, but potentially France, Italy, even Germany — as well as Canada and the United States,” Muffelmann said.

Located between Mexico City and Madrid, Muffelmann is able to ring up his manufacturing options.

42 The film launched, moreover, as an international co-production, tapping state funds from various countries through equity from foreign partners, picking up the slack from an increasingly stagnant pre-sale market.

Co-productions, signing up partners region by region, are the most obvious option for streaming services to finance ambitious high-end projects, such as “El Origin,” Muffelman argued.

Linking up with partners in Spain like Nadi S. Perfecto allows him to gain expertise. “I didn’t come to Spain to tell people how to produce,” he said.

“I’m not here anymore.”

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