October 25, 2021


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Alejandro Sanz recalls the height of his career as the Hollywood Walk of Fame Beacons

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“A star is a witch, a dream …”

It’s Alejandro Sanz, Spain’s most accomplished singer-songwriter, who has won 22 Latin Grammys and four Grammy Awards – rapsodizing about the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which will be unveiled at an event on Boulevard today.

“I feel like a child who dreams of being an astronaut and wants to see stars, touch them. I pinched myself; I’m going to be a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. I’m going to touch it, see it, feel it, but above all, share it. It’s real; More than a prize, thank you. ”

From a combination of 1991’s “Viviendo Depressa” and her contagious up-tempo pop and satin ballads গুরুত্বপূর্ণ with a flamenco combination important to her family roots স Sanj has her own distinct fluid-but-star voice and her signature gentle romance.

Returning to his youth in Madrid, Sanz said, “I was already breathing music without seeing, talking or being aware of the outside world.” “My father lived for music. My mother was a woman artist. Ever since I have memories, I have a guitar by my side. I was less about studying and more about singing. When you have something in your blood, it is impossible to deny. “

Thinking about the importance of “Viviendo Deprisa”, Sanz believes it was the devil-caring attitude of the youth that persuaded him to sing and compose with such renunciation. “That’s why every song I composed for that album is charged with pure feeling and such stories,” he says. “Thirty years have passed, but they are present. Timeless. Which stands out on any album; Its essence is eternal. ”

What does that 22-year-old singer-songwriter now have as part of the 52-year-old Sanj?

“I was a little thin then,” he smiled. “But as a musician I’m still the same in an evolutionary way. Every musician has his foundation and from there he can create different paths and fuse music. But if you listen closely, a good musician doesn’t leave his path.

Because of the importance of flamenco traditions, then and now, Sanz says, “I really think my heart beats 12/8 beats. Buliaria. It is rooted in the way I feel and the way I live my life. And so it will be from beginning to end. ”

On the front, Sanz’s vocals and outlook have expanded to include salsa (1997’s “MÁS”, the best-selling album in Spanish history with 2 million copies sold), rock (2003’s “No Es lo Mismo”), and hip-hop (2005). “La Tortura” collaborates with Shakira), Jazz (2006’s “El Train de los Momentos”) and Reggae (2015’s “Sirop”). But her deeply felt romantic lat clutch was always her calling card.

Ask Sanj what was his most challenging and fruitful recording and he doesn’t hesitate: “Not the most challenging Á undoubtedly ‘MÁS'” was his biggest breakout hit, before pointing to “Corazon Party”.

“This song aroused a lot of suspicion from above, as it didn’t go very far with the style that was used then. I think a musician is like a warrior. Sword and ieldal are each of his compositions. Blind faith in what you do defines you as a musician and, at the same time, makes you big when you face someone No.. ”

During his ongoing challenge, when innovative Latin hip-hop and reggaeton charts dominated, Sange dropped his latest record in 2019, “#eldisco,” a traditional themed pop album in the gorgeous melody and lovely string section. “Music is music,” he declares. “I did not feel the need to go against it. Trends are overvalued; Every artist has his own style, his own way of making music. The audience is as diverse as the music. “

To work with young Latin artists such as Nicki Jam, Resident, and Camilla Cabello, “#eldisco” – the music makers he must have inspired and helped develop – Sanj is realistic. “The Latin music scene always beats in a different rhythm. … This term has always existed and evolved over time.

Sanj’s own transformation continues into an epidemic “that breaks the world, with uncertainty that still seems unreal.” He resumed his #Lagira tour in October (“We’re coming back with so much energy, every concert will be unforgettable”), the same month he will proudly receive his long-awaited star.

“Everything in life is on schedule … that too. It’s not every day that one can say that the Walk of Fame star is waiting for her. It’s the perfect moment.”


What: Alejandro Sanz has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When: 11 October Morning 1 October

Where: 1750 N. Vine St.

Web: walkoffame.com

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