September 22, 2021


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Aleph, from Argentina, co-produced ‘Zente de Nache’ with Versovia Pala

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Led by one of the country’s most established film producers, Fernando Sokolovic, Argentina’s Aleph Sin has taken part in an unpublished co-production of Romina Paula’s project “Gente de Noche” (“People by Night”) produced by New Argentine cinema icon Diego. Dubkovsky in Versovia Films.

Selected for the San Sebastian Festival’s Ninth Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum, “Gente” symbolizes Paula’s return to the Spanish festival after winning the 2019 Horizons Awards, “Once Again” and co-directed the 2020 Official Section Universal Player “Unlimited Edition.”

Toplining Augustina Mouz (“Viola”) and Margarita Molphino (“Wild Tales”), the project follows Augustina, a woman who travels to Selva Misenera to visit her wife’s family with her newborn baby.

Selva Misionera is the name given to the Jesuit missions in the Guara region that began in the 17th century – present-day northeastern Argentina plus Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil – to promote the region by the Society of Jesus.

There, Augustina will be present at a special presentation of the social ritual that will make her doubt everything she has built so far. She discovers that the mother of her child had no idea who she was, let alone herself.

“I’m interested in entering Selva Misionera to tell a fictional story, without the intention of an i-historical reconstruction,” Paula said.

He added: “I’ve been thinking for a long time about the temporality of spaces, the irrationality of ensuring that the whole world lives in the same historical historical time.”

“That’s why I’m interested in taking character from the city to the jungle and starting to coexist with nature as well as harnessing city life in its linear time and its productivity,” he explained.

The project has already won a development and writing award from the Rotterdam Festival’s Hubert Balls Fund – a bright future in 2020.

Pauler’s first feature was, “Once Again,” “Gente” produced by Dubkovsky at Versovia Films, which is based on Daniel Burman’s multiple hits, such as the Berlin Double Silver Bear, based on the so-called New Argentina Cinema (“Garage Olympo”). The winners feature “The Lost Emgras”, Walter Sales (“The Motorcycle Diary”), Cesc Gay (“Truman”) and Diego Lerman (“Meanwhile”).

Producer Victoria Eisenstat co-produced “Alente” on behalf of Aleph, the film and TV house was founded three decades ago by Argentine entrepreneur Fernando Sokolovich, Mariano Cohen and Gastan Duprat’s “The Distinguished Citizen” and “The Distinguished Citizen”. . Al Lado, “Duprat’s” My Masterpiece “and Marcos Carnaval’s” Views “.

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