January 31, 2023


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Alice in Chains Top Receiving Museum Founder of Pop Culture Award

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The annual awards ceremony for the founder of the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture (MOPOP) was founded in 2000 by the late Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and formerly known as the Experience Music Project – an exceptional, expensive charity event with usually unique tributes. However, due to the epidemic this year, the show will air for the first time (RSVP here) on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel on December 1 (RSVP here) – and the honorees will be in the chain of legendary grunge-age Seattle hero Alice.

A great roster of artists will cover the band’s songs: Metallica, Soundgarden’s Kim Thiel, Nirvar Krist Novoselik, Gun N ‘Roses’ Duff McGagan, Hart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, Fu Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins, Smating Pamproen, Smating Pampino, And the first musical performance by Chris Channy, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Fishbone, Korn and Lily Colonel Silver (Chris Cornell and Susan Silver, manager of Soundgarden / Alice in Chains). Obviously, the performances will be virtual.

The event will be attended by Les Claypool, Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ant, Mike McCreedy and Eddie Vedder, Sammy Hager, Rage Against Machine / AudioSlave’s Tom Morello, Robert Downey, Jr. and many more.

“As our main fundraiser, the Founders Award is always a special occasion for MOPOPT and we are thrilled to honor Alice in Chains this year and provide free access to fans of this magical evening around the world,” said Alexis Lee, MOPOP Executive Director. “We call Alice in Chains suburban heroes but we know we share them with the world. This group of musicians has come together to pay tribute to the band’s contribution to music and pop culture as evidence of their lasting influence. While the whole night of exclusive performances is free for everyone, our hope is to raise 1 1 million to support the museum in this difficult and unprecedented year. “

Talks with San Kinney, drummer and founding member of Alice in Chains, and vocalist William Duval Different About respect.

“It’s really disturbing that so many cool people took the time to get together during the coveted to record our songs and film,” Kinney said. “It’s a huge thing to do, and I hope it could affect more change by a much larger audience than a potential private event, or at least be a great, special thing and take you away from this crazy time for an hour and a half.” Living “

“It’s such an honor and so touching that so many great artists are paying homage to the band in this way – the event is always great but obviously this year is special for us,” Duval said. (Duvall recently toured North America for a fall and a promotion and practically continued performing during a lockdown, releasing a solo album, “Alone”)

The honor, however, is a fit and long-term one for Alice in Chains, who have always been one of the most popular and influential groups of the Grunge era, but few of their contemporaries who have not really received the honor (the group has so far nominated nine villagers without victory). This is largely because the group, whose main leader, Lane Staley, died after substance abuse in 2002, has not actively pursued such recognition. However, the 30th anniversary edition of their 1990 debut “Facelift” was released last week and a deluxe box set is set to take place in January, and the group is opening up a bit more in the process.

“We just do our job,” Kinney said. “We have deliberately moved away from most of the press and refused to do most of the standard work in the industry – this is our first reconstruction, and it has taken 30 years! It’s not like us Couldn’t Have a 20-year or 25-year anniversary [reissues] Like everyone else, and it doesn’t like them that people don’t come to us about them. We don’t even know why – being famous was never really focused on us.

“Musically, it speaks for itself,” he continued. “We’re one of the most played rock bands in the last 30 years, but I think that’s the difference between celebrity and music – none of us are really trying to keep ourselves here. I think we’re in the running to be the most nominated non-winning Grammy band of all time – which to me is a win in itself! “I personally didn’t enter this to get trinkets and shiny things, but it’s extremely impressive when people acknowledge your work and are careful enough to agree.”

Duval says of his weight, “It means a lot that so many people and so many friends showed up for us at such a difficult time – and when we travel, people show up around the world: Columbus, Ohio; Warsaw, Poland; Tel Aviv.”

Kinney goes on to say, “As soon as we see it, it’s legitimacy.” “We are not designed for the public. We are a rock and roll band: we are not Assumed As a young boy, we made a hole and got some shit and ready to live our truth, and we still try to do it – even though we’ve done some breaking things, it costs a lot of money and you get older and it takes a lot more energy, “He smiles.

“But at the end of the day, we put a hole in the rock and roll car shake, and when you look at it, it’s like, ‘Wow, obviously Alice in Chains made that hole,’ and we’re still adding it. Here’s a legacy.” There are: we had the highest and the lowest bottom, loss and victory and release and we are still moving forward.We are always making music for the same reason and we are still lucky that there are still people all over the world who will come with us and let us play those songs You can’t maintain superstardom – it’s not designed to last. But we have a lane and our niche and we have fans and you can’t ask for more than that – and most of the time it’s beyond comprehension.

“And I want to hear these people play our songs,” he concludes. “I’ll really keep doing it!”


December 1, 2020 evening 6:00 PT / 9:00 pm ET



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