September 20, 2021


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All eight ‘Harry Potter’ movies are dropping the HBO maximum next month

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Three months after HBO Max launched the full set of eight original “Harry Potter” movies, WarnerMedia will shut down the service in August, titled Boy Who Lived.

J.K. Fans of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World have more than five weeks left for eight films based on HBO Max’s Rolling Novels, headlines ending August 25, WarnerMedia announced Monday.

Rowling has recently come under fire for her comments about her transgender identity. A source familiar with HBO Max’s Harry Potter movie status said Diversity Removal of movies from streaming services starts with standard licensing terms that are not subject to controversy.

At the same time, in August, HBO Max DC will add films with a slate of Batman movies – 1989 “Batman,” “Batman and Robin,” “Batman Begins,” “Batman Forever,” “Batman Returns” and “The Dark Knight.” As well as “Blade Runner: Final Cut,” “Elf,” “Kungfu Panda,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Wedding Crushers,” “Jojo Rabbit” and “Richard Jewel.”

HBO Max is also launching DC Entertainment’s “Hunting Birds (and a Harley Quinn’s Freedom of Imagination)” on August 15, as well as the animated series “Harley Quinn” season 1 and 2 August (which premiered at Warner Bros.). ‘DC Universe Service).

As of August 25, the following movies will no longer be on HBO Max: “Harry Potter and the Magic Stone,” “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of War,” “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” and “Harry Potter.” The Order of the Phoenix, “” Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, “and” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows “Parts 1 and 2.

When HBO Max launched on May 27th, it surprised Warner Bros. with the “Harry Potter” movies. In 2016, NBC Universal TV and Digital Rights signed an agreement to lockup movies imagining that includes content for universal theme parks. It was not immediately clear if the streaming rights of “Harry Potter” in the United States were being transferred to NBCU’s recently launched Peacock. Released between 2001 and 2011, the eight films became the highest-grossing movie franchises in history with 7 billion worldwide.

Meanwhile, other headlines for next month’s HBO Max include “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” on August 26 and August 31, “Dumb and Dumbar,” “Full Metal Jacket,” “Good Will Hunting,” “Love is Actually,” Quantin Tarantino. ” Kill Bill: Volume 1 ″ and “Kill Bill: Volume 2,” and 2004’s “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie”.

Last month, Warnermedia DC angrily told fans that several headlines would come out of the HBO Max – before it changed. In mid-June, the company announced that “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Justice League,” “Suicide Squad,” and “Wonder Woman” HBO Max would leave on July 1. However, after a change of heart, the company said that “according to popular demand,” HBO Max increased the availability of these titles by December 2020.

HBO Max, which WarnerMedia originally established as a replacement for Legacy HBO (same price for জন্য 14.99), is unavailable on Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV amid a long-running dispute over delivery terms. The streamer is also missing from other platforms, including LG and VGO TV.

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