February 4, 2023


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Amazon Kids Plus Receives Ryan’s World ‘Super Spy Ryan’ Special Exclusive

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Amazon Kids Plus has picked up its first original production: “Super Spy Ryan”, which marks the hugely popular Ray World Kids franchise.

The half-hour hybrid live-action / animated show comes from Pocket.Watch, the exclusive studio partner of the Ryan World franchise and a production company run by Sunlight Entertainment, the family of 9-year-old Ryan Qazi.

This is the first time that ecommerce giant’s subscription service Amazon Kids Plus has worked with parents to launch an original long-form show for parents and children. “Super Spy Ryan” will air exclusively on Amazon Kids Plus in the United States, the United States and Canada from November 2, followed by Germany and Japan in December.

It’s Amazon, there’s a business relationship here: As part of the main content collaboration, Amazon has launched two exclusive Ryan World Secret Spy Toys: Secret Agent Mystery Mission Case ($ 59.99) and Super Spy Figures (19 19.99) in the additional pipeline. Licensed Products

With millions of Ray’s fans, the “Super Spy Ryan” deal promises to provide Amazon Kids Plus with a lift that gives kids access to thousands of books, educational apps, TV shows and more.

Super Spy Ryan - Amazon Kids Plus - Poster

The deal for “Super Spy Ryan” is something of a test, “said Kurt Bidler, GM of Amazon Kids, adding that it has done more TBD to see if the service will add more originality. Kind of like to see their favorite characters, ”he said. “We hope families enjoy watching Roy’s latest adventure together over the holidays.”

In “Super Spy Ryan” Ryan is transferred to an animated virtual world where he and his friends must become the ultimate super spy. After a confusion in the virtual world that turned all of Ryan’s friends into kids, the team’s goal is to reclaim the precious Golden Console from the clutches of a new character in the Ryan World: Nefarius Packratt, who is actually a hamster. The show’s live-action scene features Ryan and his family and the anime-style animation includes Roy’s signature avatar and characters from his animated world.

Amazon Kids Plus will definitely not promote “Super Spy Ryan” toys. That said, the combination of content and commerce in this case is unique, says Chris Williams, founder and CEO of Pocket.Watch. “Amazon is the only brand that can host both content and products at the same time.”

Courtesy Amazon

According to Pocket.watch, Ryan’s global consumer products sold more than 200 million units of sales across 24 countries in 2014 – and the company expects a larger merchant level this year.

Pocket.Watch plans to create additional content for YouTube and other platforms based on “Super Spy Ryan”, but “in this particular case, Amazon has the protagonist part of the content. The highest premium expression in the franchise is only on Amazon Kids Plus, ”said Williams.

Amazon does not disclose how many customers it has for the Kids Plus service. To date, more than 20 million parents have used Amazon Kids (which is free) and Amazon Kids Plus (মূল 2.99 / month for core members and $ 4.99 / month for non-prime customers). The previous services were called Amazon Freetime and Freetime Unlimited, respectively. .

Amazon Kids Plus offers more than 20,000 books, movies, audio books, TV shows, games and Spanish language content designed for kids.

Shawn and Lawn Kazi, executive producers of Pocket.Watch and producers of Sunlight Entertainment, produced “Super Spy Ryan” as well. The animation was produced by Shin-AI Animation, the Japanese animation studio “Doraman” and “Crane Shinchan” behind the animation series. The first of the specials identified that Ryan provided voiceover for animated content.

Shawn Kazi, Ryan’s father and founder of Sunlight Entertainment, said: “We dream of bringing ‘Super Spy Ryan’ as the first original on Amazon Kids Plus. “We are grateful for the support we have received from Ryan’s fans around the world, and the kids are eager to see Ryan follow this brand-new adventure, ‘Super Spy Ryan.’

First launched in 2015, Ryans World (formerly known as Ryan Toy Review) revolves around YouTube channels with a total of millions of subscribers. Ryan’s World Content on YouTube includes videos of science experiments, educational materials, animated adventures, toy games and daily life of a family of five, including Roy’s younger twin sister. The Kazi family lives in Texas.

World videos and content of the verdict have also been distributed through the Ryan and Friends streaming channels, which launched in September. In addition, he is featured in Nickelodeon’s “Played on the Mystery of Judgment” which has run for three seasons on the cable. And this year’s TV-cable Massie’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will feature a balloon based on Ryan’s altered arrogant character Red Titan, featuring him as the first YouTube creator in the parade’s 94-year history.

In 2017, Pocket.Watch signed a deal with the Kazi family to operate Rocket’s YouTube channel and develop brand extensions.

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