October 25, 2021


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Amazon Studios Presents ‘Voices / Vokes’ Hispanic Heritage Month Event

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In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Amazon Studios presents “Voices / Vox” by John Leguizamo, Rep. Joaquin Castro, Laz Alonso, Gloria Calderon Kellet and comedian Gina Brillon, “Celebrate Rich Culture and Heritage,” more than 60 million people living in the United States and their contributions to the entertainment industry.

The special event will be held on September 30 and will be available to stream on Amazon Live and Amazon Studio DEI Twitch.

Deeply immersed in the discussion of representation in film and media, “Voices / Voices” aims to highlight diversity within the community, representing more than 22 countries labeled “Hispanic” in the United States.

The event also highlights the fact that this non-single culture cannot be so easily defined on one label. While many refer to themselves as Latino, others are more comfortable referring to them as Latinox or Latin, although more can be identified by their country of origin, such as “Mexicana”, “Puerto Rico”, “Colombiano” or their indigenous communities, Ben Jones, Yucatan Mayans. Etc.

Latasha Gillespie, Global Head of DEI at Amazon Studios and IMDB, said, “The Latin community is made up of a very rich and dynamic culture with many flat stories.” “To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we are thrilled to present a ‘Voice / Voice’ program with a respected group of producers, actors and community members from Pan-Latin expatriates.”

Also featured are Amazon Studio’s Yolanda Guilen (Casting’s Senior Executive), Malu Miranda (Producer and Head of Original Brazil) and Javiera Balmaseda (Head of Local Originals, Spanish Speaking Latin America). Diversity Clayton Davis, Film Awards Editor, and Lorenza Munoz, Amazon Studios Senior Global Awards Executive, as moderators.

After the company’s arrogance celebrations (which took place in June and reflected on-screen and behind-the-scenes LGBTQ + representation) and an Asian and Pacific archipelago representation at the Film and Media Conference, “Voices / Vox” is the latest Amazon Studios Voice. (Held in May)

“The purpose of our ‘Voices’ events is to entertain, start honest conversations and change the industry.” “We think everyone who tunes in will have a great time and be part of some important and enlightened conversation.”

See the full lineup for the following events:

9: 00-9: 07 AM | Welcome, kickoff and indigenous land recognition

9: 07-9: 17 AM | Lightning Discussion: Who we are … Hispanic, Latin, Latin, Latinx, Afro-Latino, Indigenous, Understanding the breadth and depth of community
SPEAKER: John Leguizamo, actor, writer, producer

9: 20-9: 45 AM | Art Conversation: Content across borders
Conversation with Amazon’s Spanish-speaking Latin American content and head of Brazilian content. Discussions are taking place on how the roots are resonating in the United States and across borders.

Panelist: Malu Miranda, producer and original head of Brazil at Amazon Studios
Xavier Balmaseda, Head of Local Originals, Spanish Speaking Latin America at Amazon Studios
Moderator: Lorenza Munoz, Senior Global Awards Executive at Amazon Studios

9: 48-9: 51AM Joaquin Castro, CHC commented on the report of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

9: 51-10: 41 AM | Panel Discussion: Conversation: Evolution of Latin – Representation on screen
A clear conversation about how Latin representation has changed over time, on screen, in the writers ’room, and among the creative team. Although some community representation has increased, this panel will dive deeper into where the narrative still needs to be improved – especially the inclusion of color and Afro-Latinidae – and how everyone in the industry can work to bring about change.

Panelist: Gloria Calderon Kellett (producer and writer, “Love,” “Once Upon a Time”)
Yolanda Guillen (Senior Executive, Amazon Studio)
Laz Alonso (actor, “The Boys”)
Moderator: Clayton Davis (Film Awards Editor, Diversity)

10: 43-11: 00 AM | Comedy set from Gina Brillon
Puerto Rican comedian Gina Brillon (“The Floor Is Lava”) brings her ridiculous New York-born stand-up style to Voices in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Gina Brillon and representative Joaquin Castro

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