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ANC 2020 Official Formal Elections – Variety

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France’s 2020 Annecy Festival, the world’s largest profile animation gathering, has unveiled its main feature film competition and the main country champ sidebar.

There is no U.S. title in either category: Annecy will probably feel the presence of America herself as her work progresses this weekend and she announces a session screening of the show.

The difficulty of even moving a lineup online works from prominent European animation attire, and such national Japanese franchise installments as “Lupine III; First” were seen on Monday when the Anesi Festival ensured that all images in official competitions and contracamps would be fully displayed online. No.

In a statement issued Monday at the festival, the festival said, “We have requested producers to provide a minimum of 10 minutes of extract or to present a short documentary.” “

The statement added that in the case of Cornelius Demtambes’ main competitive film, the jury must see the film in its entirety, with prominent French production house Folimage, French-press journalist Benoit Pavan and Dominique Coutin’s head of development.

In Anisi’s official competition, which, as usual, focuses on European and Asian fares, the highlights include the Jacques North American pickup “Lupine III: First”, Ben Stassen’s “Bigfoot Family” and two famous French titles: Outsours: Joan Safar’s “Little Vam” and Rami Tea’s “disaster,” Martha Jane Cannery’s childhood. “

“On Gaku: Our Sound!” Including Asia specifically accounts for half the ContraChamps lineup and “The Shaman Sciences” as a possible standout for Jay-Hun Ahn.

From writer-director Takashi Yamasaki (“Always: Sunset on Third Street,”) to “Lupine III: First,” the latest hit capture featuring young gentleman thief Lupine III, a big franchise in Japan, was acquired for North America by Gkids in late March. Upscale’s original U.S. distributor and often Oscar nominee – animated movie.

Sold through Charades, and led by 3D synapses Ben Stasen and Jeremy Degrasson, the little totuk of the “Bigfoot Family” has followed the “Bigfoot Son” of 2018, which has grossed billions of dollars worldwide.

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Bigfoot family
Many festivals

Based on Esfar’s own graphic novel, Annecy of 2017, “Little Vampire” is presented as a work in progress, removing the friendship between a tyke vampire and a human orphan, but “freeing the imagination, overcoming the hard reality,” Safar said. Diversity.

Probably the shadowy East and acclaimed “Long Way North,” created by French animated art peak power houses, “Disaster”, Martha Jane Canary’s childhood, “Here’s an impeccable portrayal of a powerful woman, here’s the story of the original free-spirited creation Jane.

Russia’s Andrei Khrajanovsky, winner of the Annecy for 1995’s “Gray Beard Lion”, returns with “Nose, or the Mavericks’ Conspiracy”, an animated living legend, described as a multi-level illustration of absolute power.

Other major contest entries are taken from the Russian fairy tale “Anjar Tale” by Konstantin Sherkin of Germany, directed by the German Aqua of Chile, the sea-set of age adventure tele (“Bear Story”) produced by the Oscar-winning Puncarbot animation studio; And “Maroon and Leave This City,” Paul Marius Wilkinski’s black-and-white feature debut. Jessica King writes in her, “This is probably one of the most terrifying original dystopian perspectives you’ll encounter this year.” Diversity Revaluation.

“War of the 7 Days” from Utah Murano, Japan, a modern-day anime update to a classic 1980s novel, and a live action film about a high school student revolt;

Animated movies can come from pretty much anywhere. This year’s feature film competition also framed the “Jungle Beat: The Movie”, an alien adventure sold by Brent Dawes of Mauritius, Family-Friendly Animals and Timeless Films.

In the countrychamp, Kenji Iwaisawar chanted “On Gaku: Our Word!” Three troublemakers follow the teenager who set out to set up their own band. The feature, based on Hiroyuki Ohshi’s eponymous manga, made waves at its Ottawa Animation Festival premiere, to take the best pictures of the Oscar-nominated and Annie-winning “I Lost My Body” home.

Working on an Annecy 201 progress project, Ja-Hun Ahan’s “The Quenching Magic” tells the story of inter-generational religious conflicts. Annecy’s finished product returns “not to be disappointed and casts a spell on expert anime fans,” according to Maggie Lee. According to Diversity Revaluation. Wild Bunch handles international sales.

Estonian Clamment comedy, Mick Maggie and Oscar Lehemer’s “The Old Man – Movie” equips a farmer to look after his grandchildren, while a cow needs to be fed ASAP ASAP to prevent an outbreak of the evil Macbury.

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Little vampire
Many festivals

Chilean crudo films produce the “lava” of the Eyre block, following a group of friends through a city center after a mysterious signal evokes the memory of a traditional themed 2D animated thriller-comedy everywhere

Dalibor Barik’s Croatian mystery drama “Accidental Luxuriousness of the Translucent Water Rebas” is an experimental feature of Martin’s escape, and the whole artist, who joined the revolutionary discussion with the Hot Police on their trail.

Latvian ego media Ilze Burkowska has produced Jacobson’s autobiographical documentary “My Favorite War”, the only title directed by a woman in two major competitions. It grew up in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and turned to learning about the truth under the flood of authoritarian propaganda.

Spin-off, a feature of Ping Zhang’s popular Chinese web series “The Legend of Hei”, brings millions of powerful domestic fanbases built-in. In the fantasy world, the protagonist Xiao Hei, a cat monster who can transform into a human, has to relocate to the city after taking his home as a result of cutting down the forest.

“The Night and the Princess” is an Egyptian-Saudi co-production by Bashir El Deck and Ibrahim Musa.M The love story of the century’s adventure is set in the Indian Ocean where the young hero Mohammed bin Al-Qasim embarks on a journey to free a group of kidnapped businessmen, on the way to become the Indian Princess Lobner. Produced by Alabas Hamidadin.

Ansi also announced her virtual VR division on Monday, consisting of seven titles, run by two women.

Among the announced compositions, part of this year’s VR section is “Minimal Mass” by Tribeca, Rocky Syed and Areito Ichavaria, co-produced by Florial Films in France and Like Amber in New Zealand, to remind a couple of their relationship that led to their mourning process.

Frances Adair Mackenzie’s “The Orchid and the Bee” is a stereoscopic VR stop-motion experiment to examine genetics and evolution that previously participated as a WIP at Italy’s fast-growing View Conference. Also selected author Anna Biryulina and director Mihai Gracour “Saturn,” Spanish artist Francisco de Guerre Saturn is a dark adaptation of her son’s swallowing. The VR experience is produced by Barbers Films in France.

This year’s Annie Festival runs online June 15-30.

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Danger, the childhood of Martha Jane Cannery
Maybe a movie / anisi festival

2020 Anik INTL. Animation Festival Official Selection

Feature Film (Official Competition)

“The Conspiracy of the Nose, or Mavericks,” (Andrei Khrajanovsky, Russia)

“Maroon and leave this city,” (Mariusz Wilkjinski, Poland)

“Little Vampire,” (Joan Safar, France)

“Jungle Beat: The Movie,” (Brent Diaz, Mauritius)

“Lupine Third First,” (Takashi Yamazaki, Japan)

“7 Day War,” (Utah Murano, Japan)

“The Story of Ginger,” (Konstantin Sherkin, Russia)

“The Bigfoot Family,” (Ben Stassen, Jeremy Degrasson, Belgium, France)

“Danger, Martha Jane Cannery’s Childhood,” (Rami Chai, France, Denmark)

“Nahuel and the Magic Book,” (German Aqua, Chile)

Feature Film (Country Champ Competition)

“Gakhute: Our Sound!” (Kenji Iwaisawa, Japan)

“Old Man – Movie, Mick Maggie,” (Oscar Lehema, Estonia)

“Lava,” (Iyer Blasco, Argentina)

“The Accidental Luxury of Translucent Water Ribs,” (Dalibor Barik, Croatia)

“Beauty Water,” (Kyung-Hun Ch, South Korea)

“My Favorite War,” (Ilze Barkovska Jacobsen, Latvia, Norway)

“The Shaman Magic,” (Jae-hun Ahn, South Korea)

“The Legend of Hiji,” (Ping Zhang, China)

“The True Answer,” (IG Han Shimizu, Japan, Indonesia)

“The Night and the Princess” (Bashir El Deck, Ibrahim Musa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt)

VR competition

“Minimum Mass,” (Rocky Syed, Arito Echeverria, France, New Zealand)

“Orchids and Bees,” (Frances Adair Mackenzie, Canada)

“Saturnism,” (Mihai Greku, France, Romania)

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