February 3, 2023


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Andrew Callaghan complains: Tim Heidecker drops Channel 5 plans

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Andrew Callaghan, the popular indie filmmaker known for his Channel 5 YouTube videos and recent documentary “This Place Rules,” has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women in the past week. Callaghan has yet to publicly address the allegations, but comedian Tim Heidecker, who produced “This Place Rules” with his comedy partner Eric Wehrheim, said they have “no plans” to work with Callaghan in the future.

Heidecker condemned Callaghan’s alleged behavior Thursday at the start of his “Office Hour” podcast.

“It’s been a very painful week for us, a very difficult experience to process,” Heidecker said. “We didn’t want to just rush to say something that sounded innocent or say ‘what someone in crisis has to say to us’. We just wanted to wrap our heads around it and talk about it and try to understand it more. Of course, we are aware of the complaints. We take them very seriously. It has been very sad and disappointing, to say the least. I just want to clarify a few things. We do not currently have a professional relationship with Andrew and have no plans to have one.

In early January, a woman posted a TikTok video alleging that Callaghan was at her home and propositioned her multiple times. “[He] Finally got my consent because she took me down,” Caroline Ellis said on her TikTok account @cornbreadasserole. “Seeing this man as a social justice warrior, having a platform that cares about human rights makes it even harder to relive the trauma I’ve endured every day. You should not support him.”

Shortly after Ellis’ allegations made waves on TikTok, another woman named Dana, on her TikTok account @moldyfreckle, alleged that Callaghan had pressured her into having sex in his car after a previous encounter she found “mean” and “humiliating”. . “I told him to stop. I asked him to get away from me multiple times,” she says in the video. “He tried to put my hand down his pants and I was fighting him this time, telling him to please stop.”

HBO acquired “This Place Rules” last fall and released it Dec. 30 on HBO Max. Heidecker and Warheim produced the documentary with Jonah Hill and A24. Through their Abso Lutely production, Heidecker and Wareheim were previously working on a television series with Callaghan in 2020, though that fell through.

“Our role with him is that we created the film that many of you have seen,” Heidecker said Thursday. “There is a bit of confusion over the Channel 5 name. This is Andrew’s name, Channel 5. It has nothing to do with Eric and I. This is a bit confusing for us as well. We produced the movie, and I feel terrible that these allegations are now attached to this film because some very good people worked very hard on it. But it’s just a movie, and I want to say that we believe these women who have come forward and, of course, completely condemn the kind of behavior that Andrew is being accused of. I believe it is up to Andrew to address these allegations and to do so openly and honestly. I really hope he does it as soon as possible.

Callaghan is best known for his man-on-the-street interviews posted on his YouTube account, Channel 5, in which he interviews conspiracy theorists, protesters, music festival partygoers and many other eccentric characters.

Watch Heidecker’s video below.

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