September 22, 2021


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Andrew Lloyd Weber Palladium Pilot – Looking to save the West End with diversity

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After a bad business day, Andrew Lloyd Weber has a place in Gravity – his biggest theater is the London Palladium. Late at night, as West End Emeritus stands on stage and looks at the 2,300-seat venue, “I just say, ‘That’s why. That’s why I want to be in the theater,'” said Lloyd Weber. Diversity. “Because that building just wants to love you.”

Like other houses in the West End, Madonna’s Madame X Tour organizer London Palladium in January was dark for a good part of four months after shuttering in mid-March. But its stage is now full of heavy-duty virus-monitoring equipment worth about $ 300,000 from Korea – the key materials of a comprehensive plan to drive the theater sector without social distance.

Lloyd Weber, the British mastermind behind “Hit”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor’s Dreamcoat” and “The Phantom of the Opera”, among other hit musicals, came up with the idea in mid-February, when a group of top scientists at a dinner party Makes, which only began to affect Europe in small pockets.

The 72-year-old composer said, “I asked, ‘What’s the scene?’ And the philosophy was serious. “We immediately began to follow what was going on in Korea as a matter of priority.”

In Seoul, the “phantom” epidemic continues across the country, with several health safe havens, and two coronavirus cases not thought to have emerged from the show have been largely uninterrupted reserves due to brief shutdowns.

The drastic measures convinced Lloyd Weber and his team at Real Usul Group that they could be efficiently replicated in the United States, which saw no relief package for the arts in early July, when the government finally announced a $ 1.96 billion lifeline. Still, there is no date for opening indoor shows directly with the audience and the rule of social distance of at least one meter (something more than three feet) means that theaters can only operate at 30% -40% capacity.

“We’ve been able to show leadership ourselves,” Lloyd Weber said. “If it turns out to be a pie in the sky, one has to say,‘ OK, look, we tried, ’but I think it’s absolutely important that, as a person in the theater, I try if there’s a way and it’s with everyone. Share “

Measures taken at the London Palladium include conducting trials using Korean equipment, including thermal imaging cameras that survey listeners, self-cleaning door handles, contactless thermometers and disinfecting fogging machines.

“We can say with certainty that the air quality of a palladium will be purer than that of its outside air,” said Lloyd Weber. Seriously, the arrangements are designed to allow the audience to fill each seat, so that the theater can operate at full capacity. “As far as we know, theater can’t work with social distance – it just can’t do it simply,” he joked.

The really useful group spent $ 300,000 to equip the London Palladium with the necessary equipment – which is probably ridiculous for the small garments in stock to spread the epidemic; However, Lloyd Weber assures that his solution is scalable.

“There are people who produce the same kind [equipment] It was used for very little money here in Korea, so, if it was Greenlit, these theaters would be relatively easy compared to what we spent on bringing it from Korea, “said Lloyd Weber, adding that most theaters didn’t need enough equipment like palladium.

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UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden met with Andrew Lloyd Weber at the London Palladium on 2 July.

The test received a high mark from Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden, who promised at the end of his July 2 visit that LW theaters would have “extremely extensive security in place,” working with the organization and others to “open theaters as soon as possible.” “

Lloyd Weber is now waiting for more formal government support for the London Palladium model. He doesn’t have to wait any longer. In a July 9 update, the government said it was looking at the venue as a pilot to see how indoor performances could work with the audience.

“Something went wrong if you were allowed to go into something [airplane] And you are not allowed to go to an auditorium, “he said.” It verifies the thinking we need. “

Lloyd Weber, who admits he was “surprised” the government did not close the theaters sooner than March 1, said the Real YouTuber Group had partnered with the unnecessary part of the storm weather even after managing the reconstruction of the Royal Drury Lane. The entire lockdown, as well as the renovation of the Gillian Lynn Theater, where “Cinderella” will be, will now be set to debut in April.

“Our mantra was to try and keep doing everything possible,” said Lloyd Weber. “Sadly, we have lost some people because the business will be under control. I mean, it really, really, really will go under it. Towards the end of the year it becomes very difficult to come and we do not know how much more time we will have – none of us will be able to survive outside of it. “

Most things considered, but the composer is significantly more optimistic. Clothing, sets and lead, “Cinderella” “ready to go” in place of “Carry Hop Fletcher” “I’ve got a lot of music already recorded so it will be possible to release some music in September,” Lloyd Weber added. “If someone says, ‘Let’s go to practice tomorrow morning,’ that’s the only audition process that can hold us back.”

Although he has spent most of his home lockdown in his village, Lloyd Weber has nurtured an impressive social media through his ‘Isolated Composer’ series. He asked Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Gary Barlow and A.S. for hits from the music he played on his piano. And like Rahman, he also conducted musical play-offs.

“It simply came to our notice then. My daughter locked up with me and she said, ‘Okay Dad, you don’t understand anything about this. We [must] Start promoting! As the BBC’s “I Want to Do Something”, introduced by “Wild Rose” actor-singer Jesse Buckley, Lloyd Webber last appeared in front of fans during a casting show in his 2000s. Among others.

Performing with arthritic fingers – an enthusiastic response to his song performances such as “Think of Me” from “Opera of the Phantom” – he has served as a memorable reminder of his legacy with fans of all ages. Lloyd Weber explains, “What we didn’t know was how big and young the Phantom” Phantom “is. “You think, ‘Oh, only tourists are going these days,’ but it’s not [at all] – has more than one new fan. “

“Of course the key is for both sides of the Atlantic – to lift and run it again as soon as possible.”

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