March 25, 2023


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Artha Franklin’s ‘Faith’ features a black live matter-themed music video – Variety

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A new music video for a new remix of the Aretha Franklin track In the 1960s she supported the civil rights movement by linking it to the current Black Lives Matter protests that weren’t too live to see the Queen of Soul.

The video was released on Friday night for Dwight with Junior, as was the track, which was released the day before. The 14-year-old’s song, “Never Break My Faith,” was originally released as a duet with Mary J. Blizzard, but the new version allows Franklin to carry the full voice of modern spirituality.

This year’s Black Lives Matter protest, mixed with shots featuring Franklin’s gospel music in the recent film “Amazing Grace,” just posed the music video for the Selma March and other civil rights activities 19

It was “Never Green My Faith” by Brian Adams and appeared on the soundtrack of the 2006 film “Bobby” about the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. It won the Grammy for Best Evidence Performance in 2006, its 18th and final victory.

In releasing this new mix, which also features Harlem’s Boys Coy, Clive Davis noted its relevance to today’s event, as it touches on color themes (“You can lie to a child with a smiling face / Tell me that color”). Not about any race) as well as hope and faith.

“The world is very different now,” says Davis, chief creative officer of Sony Music, who has been Franklin’s label partner for most of the decades of his life. “Change is everywhere and we all hope he is trying his best to move forward and bring about as much positive change as possible or music can play a major role here and Aretha’s acting is cool ch when you read the lyrics of the song and its relevance to what is happening today. It will shake every fiber in the body. Everyone should listen to this record. It deserves to be a music.

Co-author Adams said, “When I wrote this song, I was channeling Aretha. I never thought she would actually sing. The idea was to write a hymn, something that the feeling of faith can try and explain, and even if you lose something, it will guide you. There will always be an interior light to do.When the song was demo-ed, I told the producers that Aretha would be the one to sing the song, and they did. This single version of Sing has been sitting on my computer for years “I’m sending this version to him. The world hasn’t heard his whole performance and it really needs to be heard. I’m glad it was released. The world needs it now.”

Apparently, Davis decided not to keep a recording of the upcoming Franklin biopic, starring Jennifer Hudson, but went ahead and revealed it for Junior.

Franklin died in 2018 at the age of 76.

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