/Asia Argento has accused Furious director Rob Cohen of sexual harassment

Asia Argento has accused Furious director Rob Cohen of sexual harassment

Asia Argento has filed new allegations of sexual harassment against director Rob Cohen of “The Fast and the Furious”.

Italian actors and directors – who have Has become the most outspoken voice against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, and it was first accused by mogul Harvey Weinstein – it was confirmed on Sunday. Different He complained that at the end of the week An interview with the Italian newspaper Il Carrier della Best and other Italian media outlets.

“For the first time, I’m talking about Cohen,” Argento told Milne every day. “He insulted me, made me drink GHB, he had a bottle,” he noted. Fast-acting anesthetic with a history of use in date rape.

“At the time, I didn’t really know what it was. I got naked in her bed in the morning, ”Argento added. He alleges that Cohen was assaulted in 2002 while filming the action directed by Cohen “XXx” alongside Vin Diesel and Samuel L. Jackson.

“I’m sure [was] Reported by Carrier, “Argento said Different In a text message. “I talk about it in my autobiography,” he added.

Argento’s allegations against Cohen are included in his upcoming autobiography, Anatomy of the Wild Heart, which will be published in Italy from January 2.

Speaking on Saturday on the media talk show “Varisimo” to promote the book, Argento mentioned that he had not previously come out with allegations against Cohen for various reasons.

On the show, Argento maintained that he was accused of drugs and rape when he was not sure what had happened to him at first. “I discovered later, talking to a friend who opened my eyes about this substance [GHB], “He said.

Then, once he fully understood, Argento said he “didn’t want to create another storm.” He, however, mentioned that, “Since speaking against two women [Cohen]He, along with his daughter, “decided to come forward with his complaint later.

Cohen was charged in 2012 with sexual harassment against an unnamed victim in a Huffington Post report – the article named “Jane” for not disclosing her name – when she fainted. The attack came in 2015 after Cohen invited “Jane” to a business meeting in Manhattan to discuss collaborations with a TV pilot.

Earlier in 2019, Cohen faced a similar complaint from his daughter Valkairi Weather who accused him of molesting her as a child. The weather also complained to Cohen that as a teenager he went to meet sex workers at shooting locations abroad. Cohen has denied the allegations in both cases.

The director did not respond Different kinds Request to comment during press time. A Cohen correspondent denied the allegations to AFP on Friday.

A spokesman for Cohen told AFP: “Mr Cohen has denied that the allegations against him were baseless.” A spokesman for Cohen told AFP.

“When they worked together, they had a great working relationship and Mr. Cohen considered him a friend, so this claim of 2002 is surprising, especially given what has been said about him in recent years.”

Argento, who topped one in 2017 #MeToo Image When he spoke out against Weinstein for Ronan Farrow’s “The New Yorker” article, he was later accused of sexual harassment by U.S. actor Jimmy Bennett, a charge he paid after paying প্র 380,000 to his late partner Anthony Borden Bennett, which Argento denies. Did.