October 16, 2021


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Audience confidence concerns for UK cinema in post-epidemic world

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As one survey found, audience confidence and audience growth are both the deepest concerns of the venues and the biggest priority.

A new survey by the UK’s Independent Cinema Office reveals uncertainty about the continued impact of Covid-1 across the independent film industry, with survey participants’ confidence 1% deeply concerned, while 87% say their highest priority will be in the next one to three years, especially in the next 30 years. Raising younger audiences.

The survey was completed in late August by 13 respondents from independent cinema halls, including Discipline, Charitable, Profitable Place, Community Venue, Mixed Art Venue and Multiplex Cinema. Most venues across the UK are now open.

Among other concerns, 56% of respondents expressed concern about the release of the film, and named the content for the play and 48% the safety of staff and viewers. While social distance, the ability to have solvents, and staff levels have lost revenue, other key concerns remain for movies.

Movies are trying to find a balance between social distance and safe distance for viewers, 55% of respondents are still working on social distance systems and the effectiveness of the movie, 43% of respondents are still working on 50% or less ability

Some 47% of venues are operating at a loss, 64% are expecting a 50% loss in ticket sales, while 31% of venues are unsure how long they will be able to deal with this loss. In addition, 24% of reported venues were redundant, 241 introductions and 15% of venues that reported were not reopened.

5% of respondents are unsure how long the social distance system will last, and %% expect that the social distance will last for one year.

Some 5 %% respondents have expressed a need for a grant for operating costs and want a 51% reduction in distributors.

“Movies, like many industries, are still working on the competitive demands of social distance, consumer confidence, economic uncertainty and the responsibility to take care of the safety and well-being of employees and listeners,” said Catherine Des Forges, director of the Independent Cinema Office.

“However, the last 18 months have shown us how important independent movies are to their local audiences, and how much they are valued by the community beyond a place to watch movies.” “For the coming year, ongoing support and close collaboration between distributors and cinemas is likely to be important, as cinemas continue to welcome their audiences and return to financial stability.”

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