October 23, 2021


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Audiences at the Zurich Film Festival are divided over Daniel Craig’s Swansong

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Two days before the release of its official theater at the Zurich Convention Center, the Swiss premiere of “No Time to Die” attracted local celebrities, representatives of the Zurich Film Festival and even Finnish racing driver Kimi Rকikkেনnen, all of whom were interested as witness Daniel Craig7.

The event marked the film festival’s debut for a James Bond movie, and the audience gathered with unconventional opinions about the 25th installment in the franchise.

“It was amazing, it was different, it was good,” shared Swiss TV host Sven Apini, one of the country’s top presenters. Diversity After screening. But with a run time of 163 minutes, “It’s a long, long movie.”

Online content creator Adrian Vogt also lamented the length of the film, saying: “It’s not the best bond, but it’s the most influential bond. I remember seeing the exploded milk bottles. [‘License to Kill’], But there is no comedy in the new James Bond movie – it’s too serious! Daniel Craig never smiles. No time to laugh! “

While others praised Craig’s performance and highlighted the emotional power of the story (“I almost cried,” actor Anina Yuling shared, when radio producer Ranja Kamal called it “more emotional than your usual Bond film”), viewers were surprised to see the movie’s twist. Was and turned.

“It was just different,” said model Kevin Letloff, adding that artist Mark Ohni also added that the film presented “something new for the James Bond franchise”.

“The end didn’t turn out the way I expected,” said Mark Schmidt, who attended the screening with wife Irene after winning tickets to the premiere. “Still, everyone should see it – just make sure you get a comfortable chair!”

Swiss R&B and soul singer Seven praised the film’s finale and called it “pure drama.” After a long wait (“Looks like we’ve been waiting to see this movie for 10 years”), he hoped for something dark and dramatic and a “respectable” departure for Craig. What he got certainly depended on his expectations: “It was very good,” he said.

“It wasn’t fishing for gadgets, there wasn’t a lot of product placement – it was a deep, very good movie and it showed how much damage these characters had inside, how they collided and how they ended up the same,” continued . “I thought we would be reminded of everything that Daniel Craig Bond did; ‘The Best of’ film. And they just didn’t go there! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen a Bond movie or not.

Expectations were high even before the screening, with guests sharing memories of their franchise – which celebrated the Swiss landscape in films such as “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” – and debating its future.

“For me, it’s about the first bond and the last: Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, who changed that role a bit,” Apini said. “But it’s good. Times are changing and so are people. That’s why I’m waiting to see who will be next, if he or she is going to be. ”

Producer Barbara Brockley rejected a long-rumored female bond earlier this week যার something not everyone was waiting for, but former Miss Switzerland Christa Rigozi said: “I love James Bond as a man.”

“I don’t think we need a female James Bond – just give us another franchise with a female lead,” added Swiss runner Muzinga Kambundji, noting that she would not mind acting in a film herself. “If they had asked me, I would have done it. I don’t have that much skill, but I can run really fast.

Grammy-nominated musician Eric Bennett also wore his hat ring in town with the Montreux All-Star band.

“It’s a black James Bond time,” he declared. “That handsome man [‘Bridgerton’ breakout Regé-Jean Page] Great, Idris Elba is there, and I’ll be better. Where’s the broccoli? “

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