March 20, 2023


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Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Taylor Swift join Stonewall Celebration – Variety

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When the former Vice President Joe Biden In a 2012 “Meet the Press” interview, he declared his support for same-sex marriage, representing one of the top politicians of all time in favor of gay Americans’ right to marry. The position of the 77-year-old presidential candidate on gay rights and – significantly – his unplanned admission to a blind-sighted event was an important evolution. The press. Barack Obama And his White House, who have not yet taken the same position. In a televised interview three days later, President Obama became the first permanent president to support same-sex marriage.

The two politicians, who have become history-making allies in the political fight for gay civil rights, were not present during Friday Pride Live’s third annual Stonewall Day celebrations. The event, usually held in West Village, New York City, commemorates the anniversary of the 1919 Stonewall riots. This year, it has served as a fundraising livestream for the Trans Lifeline, Brave Space Alliance, Translatinল Coalition and The Alley Coalition – four LGBTQ companies severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Biden expressed surprise at the ceremony with his wife, Jill Biden Dr.. “Pride is particularly deadly this year,” he said. “Even as LGBTQ rights continue to be attacked, the Supreme Court has upheld the protection of LGBTQ + people against discrimination. Even after the life of a trans man – especially a black trans woman – was threatened, we were reminded that Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera helped bring the movement to life. “

In a proud month that has crippled the American economy and an electric social justice movement to combat systemic racism and police brutality, “we are reminded of the brave people we first marched on decades ago,” Biden said. Picked up. “

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of marriage equality, Obama advised viewers that “the struggle and victory for LGBTQ rights shows how protest and politics go together, how we can shed light on injustice and translate these aspirations into specific legislation and institutional practice.” Whether fighting violence against trans women of color, or supporting the causes of racism, “I hope you know that your voice can make a huge difference,” she said. “I hope you all understand that Eddie Windsor, Harvey Milk and Byrd Rustin all know that progress does not happen by itself. It happens because we stand up, talk and demand change. “

In the biggest show of progress, both Biden and Obama – as well as many attendees at the event – spoke specifically about the caste of transgender Americans and LGBTQ people, protesting the national #blacklives matter and the Trump administration’s recent trauma of defending the rights of LGBTQ people. Appeals to the Supreme Court to increase and protect Obama-era health care for transgender Americans.

“We still have to go for equality and protection for the people of LGBTQ and the people of the trans community,” he said. Taylor Swift. “I got my census the other day, and there were two choices for both men and women, and the loss of transgender and non-binary people made me very upset. When you do not collect information on a group, it means that the world has an excuse not to support them.

The connection of arms between the LGBTQ and BIPOC community and Stonewall is also a recognition that there was a revolt against police brutality defined in this year’s commemoration, so featured as guests Ellen Disney, George Tecky, Demi Lovato, Cat Perry, And Chelsea Clinton, Acting as well Shia Diamond, Kesha And Cynthia Arevo.

“Arrogance is a universal proof of humor and trans expression and an opportunity for our community to come together and give each other legitimacy,” says the author and actor. Alok Vaid-Menon. “As we recall as Stonewall Day, it’s important to remember that this fight was started by trans-trance women and colorless racist people who physically resisted hatred.”

Actress and transgender worker Blossom C. Brown Evaluating the duration of the celebration, he said, “My heart is heavy. I can see the pain inside our community and I know it likes to feel insecure. We’ve lost a lot of women of color to police brutality, and we can’t accept that. “

He continued, “So, I now pay my respects to our partners in every community protest, and I remind you of those who just don’t get it: you can’t love our culture, and you can’t love our people.”

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