October 20, 2021


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Barbie music producer unveils doll to ‘highlight gender gap’

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Not only has Mattel’s Barbie doll tradition traditionally played a role in fighting gender inequality in the music industry, but the company has used the iconic image for exactly the same purpose with its remarkable music-producing doll, which it announced earlier this week.

The company, which partnered with veteran lyricist-producer Esther Dean for the series, also made empowerment a priority for dolls, saying it was “designed to introduce girls to a presented career where women make up less than 3% of music producers and women in industry.” Focus on the importance.

“With more than 200 careers and calculations, Barbie is mixing it up as a music producer to show more role models for girls in this space.” And purposeful play is encouraged through careers that they may not know. “

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Barbie, which was first launched in 1959, is offering “Girls Make Beats” scholarships to give more girls access to music production, and is hosting a live webinar with Dean and the company for girls ages 5-17. And help empower future female music producers. Also, at 7am on Saturday (September 1), Barbie and MTV will host an hour-long acquisition of MTV’s Saturday music video block to showcase music hits produced exclusively by women.See Barbie.com / DreamGap to learn more and join the “Girls Make Beats” webinar with Dean.

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A USC-Annenberg study in 2018 pointed to a wide gender gap in the music industry, particularly in production and engineering এবং and an updated report in March found that while people of color have progressed in recent years, women are more likely to (learn more about the study here). . The author of the study, Dr. Stacey L. Smith writes: “International Women’s Day is everywhere, except for women in music, where women’s voices are silent. Although nearly half of all female artists in nine years have tested women of color, more work is needed to be included in this business.

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Mattel has faced this gender inequality.

“As part of our ongoing Dream Gap project, Barbie is dedicated to leveling the playing field for girls in careers where women are less represented as music producers,” said Mattel SVP Lisa McNight. “In this role as Ester Dean, Barbie reminds girls of their limitless possibilities by inspiring the best women in the role and exposing their music producer careers with dolls. Our partnership with Girls Make Beats takes our efforts one step further, from the studio to the stage. Conquers women’s voices and gives girls the tools to help advance their future as music producers.

“I’m proud to be able to give Barbie my voice, to inspire young girls to learn more about becoming music producers,” Dean said. “Although female voices can be heard from the stage, a lot of critical decisions are made behind the scenes and in the studio. After being in the industry for over a decade, I have seen how powerful women’s voices can be in shaping the future of music production and want to ensure the presence of more women in the room. ”

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