March 21, 2023


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Barstoll launches a sports podcast that makes N-Word – different

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Just days after Barstol Sports founder Dave Porton refused to apologize for racist language in the past, trolling his critics is taking it to a new level.

On Wednesday, the company announced a new episode of its “2 Biggs” podcast – hosted by Willie Colon and Brandon Newman, described as “BET” by Barstol Sports – “Barstol NIGGER.” Now it will be the ultimate reality (fame). Minority Report. “

According to the episode’s description, “Dave Portney’s use of the N-term and his Colin Copernicus and his protest in 2016 raises comments about the latest controversy between Willie and Brandon at 2 Biggs this week with Trill Withers, Jah, Abney, Liz Gonzalez and 20 20 Chef Barstoll.”

In the podcast, Cornell recounts a conversation with his boss, in which Portnoy “explains why he told Willie that he didn’t apologize for his racist remarks in the past.”

The headline of the podcast drew immediate criticism on social media – and a pushback from Barstoll’s Colonel, who was originally keen to encourage more downloads of the podcast.

In response to a commenter who said, “This is the most inappropriate name for an event and shows the hypocrisy of blacks,” Colon Feedback“I’m glad you triggered Kim … Download our podcast now and listen to the episode. Or keep talking without any idea what’s going on.”

Estad W. Harendon, National Political Reporter for the New York Times Tweets About the 2 Biggs podcast, “It’s absolutely corneal and embarrassing.” He later added, “It’s very sad – there are no comments about you from any organization.”

Bleacher Report host Taylor Rooks did not say “take it there”, said the episode’s title was fair and that it “encourages tokenism.”

“Willie, I like you. You’re a friend,” he said in one Tweet. “I sat down and listened to this whole podcast. Nothing in the episode has justified the title and it seems very inappropriate. It encourages tokenism and black people seem to have to save the day in a variety of ways. “

Withers, who hosts Barstol’s “Mixstep” basketball podcast, said in a Tweet, “I didn’t know that the title of the show was going to be like that and I realized that people wouldn’t hear its BC. I get it. For those who do, I hope the speech we got was understandable BC I enjoyed listening to different perspectives . “

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