October 20, 2021


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Beanie Feldstein on the long love affair between ‘Funny Girl’ and Barbara Streisand

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Beanie Feldstein has been preparing to play Fanny Bryce all her life. For her third birthday, she requested a “Funny Girl” themed party and grabbed the spotlight with a pint-sized leopard wrapped coat and a cloche hat. Twenty-five years later, Feldstein will star in the glowing comic and Chantius ভূমিকা a role that helped Barbara Streisand to stardom এসেছে returning to Broadway for the first time in nearly six decades.

When did you first see “Funny Girl”?
I had to be under. I don’t remember the first time, but I remember telling my mom to do it every day. I became obsessed. Other kids will want “Elmo” or “The Little Mermaid” or “Beauty and the Beast”. I was begging Nicky Ernstein.

Speaking of, who is your ideal casting for Nicky Ernstein?
I can’t say. I think I can. It must be someone dreamer. She’s this incredibly confident woman who didn’t really concentrate on romance. And then this guy enters his life, wearing a nice shirt, and pushes him away. [Editor’s note: Since talking to Variety, producers have announced Tony nominee Ramin Karimloo will play the role of Arnstein on Broadway.]

Which song are you most excited to serve?
The song I sang the most would be “It won’t rain in my parade” because I used to sing it around my house as a child. When I was 9, the only professional acting I did was an episode of “My Wife and Kids”, where they had completely foreign kids’ [talent show] Auditioned, and I sang a line from “Don’t Rain in My Parade”. But the song I’m most excited about right now is “I’m the biggest star.” It has many personalities.

Have you met Barbara Streisand to talk about the role?
I never met him. I’ll probably be speechless, so I should take a list of questions. I can’t make words. “Funny Girl” introduces me to Musical Kiss. As funny as it may seem to ask a 3-year-old to make her birthday party “Funny Girl,” but that was the basis of my love of musical theater. My life would be ruined if I could ever meet Barbara Stressand. I shivered for a few days.

You’re in 2017 for “Hello, Dolly!” Made its debut on Broadway in its revival. Are you planning on taking a third Barbara performance to complete Triphacta?
That’s pretty ridiculous – my answer would be that both came out in 1964, like “Fidler on the Roof”. So I think the third one would be “Fidler”. I found Gold in me in a very real way. I’m only 28, so I have to wait until I’m old.

Are you still back on Broadway?
I went to “Shakespeare in the Park”, but I still haven’t been inside a theater. I watched a video from the opening night of “Wicked” and thought I was watching a rock concert – people send energy to Harry Styles or Taylor Swift. For those of us who need theater, which I all think, it’s like a thirst. You need There is nothing like watching live theater with other people.

How did you find the perfection of your music theater during the epidemic?
I’m the one who listens to Broadway cast recordings every day. As I was preparing for the impeachment: [American Crime Story], ”I heard a lot of musical instruments because Monica [Lewinsky] Also a huge musical theater fan. The taste of our musical theater is a bit different. She’s a much more “less mist” and “hired” type of girl, against whom I have absolutely nothing, but they’re not my ultimate.

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