March 25, 2023


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Beanie Fieldstein for her accent work ‘How to make a girl’ – different

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Beanie Fieldstein is following orders to stay at her parents’ house in Los Angeles.

When he’s not watching “Ozark,” he’s hanging out with the family’s 90-pound English Bulldog Jackie or friends with Zoom-Ing.

“We were doing some trivia in our friend group,” Feldstein said in Thursday’s episode Diversity And the iHart podcast “The Big Ticket”. “The two of you have to come up with a quiz and then we all take it – and you have to show up in costume – and then donate the game Masters’ choice to the losing teams.”

“It’s nice to see all your friends and have an activity and have fun,” he continues. “And then it’s always good, whenever we lose we like, ‘But then we can do charity’ ‘It’s great. It’s all good method because you want,’ But I want to pay them, so I lose Want ‘”

Not surprisingly, Feldstein found a way to make the loss positive. He was able to find the light where most people live separate lives.

After earning a Golden Globe for her work at last year’s “Bookmart”, Fieldstein can now be seen in “How to Be a Girl”. The upcoming year-old film also marks her first single top character.

The film is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of Caitlin Moran of the same name by Johanna, a teenager from a working-class family in Wolverhampton, England, starring Fieldstein, who became a famous rock critic.

To nail down a very specific dialect of the region, director Koki Gidroyik asked Feldstein to move to Wolverhampton and work at a local gift shop. “The woman I worked with in this store gave me that, and was really hard on me. They were like, ‘No, it was wrong. Try again, ‘for which I am grateful,’ Feldstein recalled. “And I loved the experience, because I’ve never done so much research and preparation – in addition to reading about it at my desk, and living it, living that preparatory experience was really fun for me and a whole new experience for me.

Feldstein described the book and the film as a “true era story.”

“What I love about the film and what I really connected to after reading it for the first time is, I think Caitlin in her writing, and then now in the film, she really gave it to people of all ages, all people gender, all sex, etc., wrong Allow, and try again and their mistakes don’t seem to have to define them, but they just tape him who they are Fold the trite “” I felt I was so sabetei. “

You can listen to the full interview with Feldstein below. You can find “The Big Ticket” on iHeartRadio or anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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