September 22, 2021


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Before the release of the documentary ‘Trans in Trumpland’ debits trailer

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“Trans in Trumpland” opens a new trailer for the upcoming documentary with awesome music when Donald Trump is heard in a voiceover, “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens.”

There is no question that Trump, who is accused for the second time on Wednesday, did not keep his promise. In fact, LGBTQ activists rightly argued that Trump used his power to bring back the rights and protections of trans Americans.

Director Tony Josherafatin has traveled to the red states of North Carolina, Texas, Mississippi and Idaho over the past four years to document the experiences of four trans people during Trump’s presidency.

The trailer gives a glimpse into the life of a trans woman who was kept in a male ICE detention center. Josherafatine was also seen showing pictures of herself to a trans high schoolgirl at the age of 12. “No matter what the president says about you, you exist. You’re human,” Josherafatain said.

It was also announced on Thursday that the streaming service topic from First Look Media has acquired the rights to streaming the series to North America. It will premiere on February 25.

E.g. Different First reported, “Transparent” actress Trace Lassett signed on as Doc’s producer in July. He co-produced with Executive Chella Man and Miss Major Griffin-Gracie, as well as Topic’s Ryan Chanatri and Jeff Silbach.

As a transgender Iranian-American, the last four years have been devastating for me. I have witnessed and experienced daily attacks on my rights. It was an honor for me to meet and film four trans people who faced similar discrimination in the Trump era, ”Josherafatain said in a statement. “I’m happy that‘ Trans in Trumpland ’will be published on the topic so that it can reach a wider audience. I think all background viewers will find a common ground in the mandatory personal travels told in each episode. “

Jamie Dinicola and Josherafatine are producing “Trumpland” through the Transwave films. Collaborative producers include Miss Hazel Jade and Gabriel Risendiz.

“The trans people are at ease. They have been erased from our history, and the constant attacks on our existence have been endured, especially by the Trump administration. We hope this project can be a bridge to people we don’t understand What I am against and can give a true and raw look not only to our pain, but also to our strength and joy. ”

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