October 23, 2021


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Bella Thorne with her new book, the latest film ‘Rumble Through the Dark’

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Bella Thorne will star opposite Aaron Eckhart in the action thriller, “Rumble Through the Dark.”

“Rumble Through Dark” is based on Michael Farris Smith’s novel “The Fighter”. Smith adapted his novel into a screenplay, to be directed by Graham Phillips and Parker Phillips. Production in the Mississippi and Delta regions stopped this week after a brief shutdown due to Hurricane Eder.

“Rumble Through Dark” is set in the dark landscape of the Mississippi Delta where an empty-nosed cage warrior (Eckhart) tries to repay his tsun to the boss of the local mob in a desperate desperate attempt to rescue his family home. Thorne plays a carnival hostler who is murdered which eventually leads to a dark family connection.

“Bella is a fearless artist,” the directors said in a statement. “Seeing the chemistry between him and Aaron Eckhart throughout the whole story is one of the biggest wins of the film.”

Foresight is conducting unlimited sales. Cassian Elves of Elevated is representing the film in the United States, and will work as a producer, along with Clita Ellington, Mark Damon, Tamara Barkmore, Tate Taylor, John Norris and Jerry Housefatter.

Says Thorne Diversity Elves came to her in 2021 with a script after working together on Lionsgate’s “Habits.”

“I’m looking for female characters who really have something to do with the script. I like meat and bones for the female character, ”Thorne said Diversity. “Hollywood hasn’t written enough scripts that really put women in a different light for decades.”

“Rumble Through the Dark” is the latest project for Thorne, who made his debut from the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” and evolved into a multi-hyphenate force with a huge social media presence and committed fanbase. Always working, Thorne has recently starred in Amazon’s “Paradise City”, Netflix’s “The Babysitter” and Freeform’s “Famous In Love”.

His latest film “Time Is Up” was released on Friday. In the teenage romance directed by Alyssa Amorusso, Thorne starred opposite his real-life fianc,, the Italian musician, Benjamin Mascolo.

The actor, model, singer and author recently published his book “The Life of a Wanabe Mogul”, a collection of poems describing his personal struggles, relationships and wild-child lifestyle. Thorne said he wrote the book in two weeks while filming on set.

“I lost my first two handwritten books on a flight, so it took me a few minutes to match them,” he lamented. “But in the end, I started writing again, this time on a typewriter. I’ll literally walk around the set with a huge typewriter.”

“It was more important to me to write on a typewriter than to go back to handwriting,” Thorne added. “Handwriting is the true form of your identity. Your DNA. I didn’t want to give myself everything.”

Thorne, whose personal life often makes headlines, was inspired by his book to show the world who he really is.

“People got tired of not seeing me as I was,” Thorne explained. “I felt misunderstood, so I wanted to write something raw and authentic to show the public that I was on a silver platter.”

Thorne has been rebuilt by Thor Bradwell of CAA and Thirty Three Management.

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