September 22, 2021


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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez take center stage in ‘The Last Duel’

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Ridley Scott described “The Last Duel”, starring Matt Damon, Jodi Kamar, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck, “a very challenging film that illuminates an important issue” at the Venice Film Festival.

Just before the screening, the festival received the director, who presented him with his Cartier Glory of Filmmaker Award, to a person who had made a “particularly significant contribution” to the film industry.

Scott, who was greeted by enthusiasts with great warmth, enthusiasm and one-minute lasting appreciation, thanked Cartier, the festival and award-winning entrepreneur, for their “significant contribution to the movie” before adding, “We should never let this fade to Ether.”

Introducing his new film, Scott said: “The inspiration for this came from Matt and Ben, who called me and said, ‘You’ve had a conflict before, but we have another conflict that we’re going to write about – it’s something completely different. It was, And so I did it. “The director added:” Jody Kamar and Adam Driver then joined Matt and Ben and [writer] Nicole Halfsener which turned out to be an inspirational partnership. With my team – with whom I always work – we have created a very challenging film that sheds light on an important issue. I hope you agree – I think it’s one of my favorite movies. ”

Until then, the attention of the press and viewers was almost entirely on Affleck and his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, whose arrival in Venice on Thursday put an end to weeks of speculation about whether they would attend the festival together, and their first major red since reuniting as a couple. Debuting on the carpet.

The audience in the auditorium stood for quite a while facing the seats in the gallery, where the birds of prey were waiting to appear. When they make a roar from the audience and a flash of light comes from their cellphones. Ananda has confirmed the premier’s status as one of the highlights of the reception.

But where Affleck and Lopez stole the show before the screening, Kameyer was the center of attention when the lights came on after the film’s dramatic end, which was followed by a two-minute applause. Prior to the screening, most viewers paid little attention to the “Killing Eve” and “Free Guy” star when she took her seat alone, before the arrival of the other cast members, but when her name appeared on the closing credits it was excited by the roar of approval, and the house lit up. All eyes were on her, not the other stars.

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