October 25, 2021


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Ben Affleck likely to win Oscar for ‘Tender Bar’ and ‘Last Duel’

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Ben Affleck is a talented actor, producer, writer and director, proven by his two Academy Awards. So why does social media chatter generally refer to each of his new and effective trips as an “Oscar-worthy” comeback?

It caught my eye in the middle of his latest film “The Last Duel”. Nothing about Count Pierre de Allen’s interpretation of him should work with his sensitivity as an actor. Yet he completely steals the show in one of three segments belonging to Jack Le Greece (played by Adam Driver). Unfortunately, Hollywood machines, critics and consumers have acknowledged his prowess. Perhaps it was his openness to focus on the paparazzi’s Benefactor (and its current sequel, Benefaire 2.0) or his struggle with honesty. Either way, he has shown himself more than once, he is an unusually stimulating actor when held in the right hand.

My realization came three days after the screening of BAFTA member George Clooney’s “The Tender Bar,” where Affleck stole the focus again. Her uncle Charlie serves as the surrogate father of the young J.R. Mohringer (Tie Sheridan, her big Hollywood and Oscar momentary departure), and Dorothy’s conventional older brother type (starring Lily Rabe, an award-winning candidate if the movie catches on). Knows if you grew up in a tri-state area.

The word nib and the charming truth, Affleck Amazon Studio brings a smile to your face in every scene of the film, which resembles “Childhood” (2014) or John Hawks ’meth-addicted uncle with Ethan Hawke’s incompatible father with past supporting actor nominees. Teardrop-supporting characters from “Winter Bones” (2010) who are flawed but provide the necessary skills for their film heroes to grow. Christopher Lloyd, playing the angry and potty-faced grandfather to JR, also for his dance with the academy, and checks many of the same boxes. There may be attraction of supporting actors for both of them.

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In 1998, Affleck, along with his best friend Matt Damon, won Best Original Screenplay for “Good Will Hunting,” where he also played the role of Chuckie-or-Die Confident Chucky, who taught us how to make money in job interviews. Later, Hollywood created two separate paths for the two youngest screenplay winners in the history of the Oscars. Damon’s following three projects were “Saving Private Ryan,” “Rounders,” and “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” Affleck followed “Phantoms”, “Armageddon” and “Shakespeare in Love”. You can see that everyone has played their own Oscar favorite, but how the two were used and how they will be used over the next 20 years has changed.

Although he was often a punching bag for tabloids and Snowy moviefiles, Affleck received far more gifts than credit. To mention each “Pearl Harbor” (2001) and “Gigli” (2003), reconsider her Golden Globe-nominated performance as “Boiler Room” (2000), “Gone Girl” (2014) and “Superman” star “Hollywood “(2006) by George Reeves. When held in the right hand, he faces challenges, even sometimes exceeding expectations.

An adaptation of Dennis Lehan’s novel “Gone Baby Gone” seemed to transform his career with his directed debut in 2007. Surprising many with her reassuring hand behind the camera, critics and award voters don’t know what to do with Affleck’s evolution as a capable filmmaker outside of nominating an actress to support Amy Ryan. In the same year, you have to give credit to him for encouraging his brother Cassie’s campaign. “

Apparently his niche has been found, Affleck moved on to his 2010 endeavor “The Town”, this time starring bank robber Doug McRae. Collecting names from prestigious groups like PGA and WGA, he was flirting with award agencies and academy voters this time. In the end, the award circuit ended with a single mention of Jeremy Rainer’s supporting actor.

Then came the thrilling rescue of six US diplomats from Iran in 1986. Best Actor and More Significantly Director. “I want to thank the academy,” Affleck said as he accepted the Best Director award at the Critics’ Choice Awards. The ceremony was held on the same day as the Oscar nomination and its disguise was revealed. Then his Oscar dance history.

Even after winning the Best Picture, which he shared with Clooney and Grant Heslov (who also works as a Ted Hope producer) for “The Tender Bar”, it wasn’t a pre-determined decision that Affleck was one of our best. Perhaps the increasingly positive image was tainted by Jack Snyder’s acquisition of Batman or by the mistake of his next management venture, “Live by Night.” Nonetheless, you found something remarkable like his turn as an alcoholic jack in last year’s “The Way Back” (2020), which was swallowed up by the sound of the first days of the epidemic.

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Much more commercial than people suspect, “The Tender Bar” is a crowd-pleasing year where voters and listeners are looking for more enthusiastic entries. Written from the memory of JR Mohringer of the same name and written by Oscar winner William Monahan, “Tender Bar” may find special interest in the adaptive screenplay category, especially the thin nature of this year’s competition.

Something interesting about Clooney’s eight journeys as a director. Her signature doesn’t seem aesthetic throughout her film. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it may explain why I believe his movies are so divisive after “Good Night, and Good Luck.” For example, I think “The Midnight Sky” is the epitome of his entire filmography and has received a mixed reception. However, for his Cerebral Space movie, those same haters will talk about the qualities of “Suburban” (2017), which is much more challenging to talk about. It is still unclear how the academy will respond to this new upcoming film of the era, which is detrimental to classics like “Stand By Me” (1986), for which director Rob Rainer was despised. Since Clooney has been nominated for eight separate Oscar categories, it would be foolish to exclude him from the conversation for Best Director and Best Picture, but both could be long shots for “The Tender Bar.”

In “The Last Duel” Affleck provides a fascinating screenplay of a sex-crazy royal figure that silences the boys’ club mentality and women’s voices that are still prevalent today. Director Ridley Scott has made his #MeToo movie in a genre that he has mastered. His 2000 epic “Gladiator” won Best Picture. “The Last Duel” probably won’t be an Oscar vehicle for Affleck or Scott, as “The Tender Bar” and Scott’s upcoming “House of Gucci” academy seem to be consistent with what they will respond to. Artisan sections for period drummers such as production design, clothing and sound can be on the table. At the same time, Emmy-winner Jodi Kamar’s turn as Marguerite de Cruzes could rise to the top actress line-ups on the regional awards circuit, playing three different “interpretations” of my historical personality.

An important note to address by all the studios is the ruthless scenes for the audience to ignore depending on the MPAA rating system which can be like rape and other forms of sexual misconduct. I support the visible symbol in messaging and / or all marketing materials at the top of the movie. We need to show more sensitivity and empathy towards these victims.

So could Affleck move on with the academy this year, or will it continue to be seen elsewhere? Let’s see how he does the campaign work this season.

“The Last Duel” opens in theaters on October 15, and “The Tender Bar” is scheduled for December 17.

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