March 25, 2023


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Ben Platt talks about his new Netflix concert special, ‘Politician’ Season 2 – a variety of topics

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Ben Platt probably looked cool and collected when he appeared on stage at his new Netflix concert special “Ben Plot: Live from the Radio” but he wasn’t exactly cool.

“Fill it live!” And during an interview, Platt said, “It’s very surreal and the whole first song made me feel very scared, excited and tight,” on Instagram. “And then we got the first number just like it was a free reading. It was great. “

The film was shot at the last stop of the Tony winner’s tour for his debut album “Sing Instead”. The song – which included covers of Elton John and Brandy Carlyle – revealed the plot to be revealed to his parents as gay (when he called them during a school trip to Israel at the age of 12), his late grandmother and a few other failed romances.

“I wanted it to feel like the album was somehow confessional. The “Politician” star said, “You wanted to achieve something by watching this show live that you didn’t get from the album.” “And it kept all the songs private and as specific as possible, so that people could really know where they were coming from. I think the only way to really communicate with someone, apart from falling in love with the song musically, is to know exactly where it was born. “

The film begins with the plot ready backstage, which he says was inspired by footage similar to Liza Minelli’s iconic television special “Liza a ZZ” in 1972. Minelli’s influence spread to other parts of her on-stage performance.

Platt said, “I loved that it was so incomplete. “You’re wiping sweat with a towel, you’re breathing. It wasn’t very clean. [Director] Alex Timbers, who conducted [my special] Beautifully, he and I really wanted to make it feel like it was alive and incomplete and it was a bit painful for me, a perfectionist, a bit difficult as a type-person. I wanted to go and clean up every little note and every little shot, like ‘Can we wipe away the sweat?’ But I think it’s worth it. I think it really feels like a living experience, like a one-time thing that happened once and will never happen again. “

As for future music, Platt says he would love to work with Ariana Grande and Cynthia Arevo, whom he went to see for five nights in a row during “Color Purple” music on Broadway.

The second season of Palt’s other Netflix project, “Politician,” premiered on June 19. The state Senate race between Pay Payton (Platt) and the incoming Dead Stand (Judith Light) has become heated and dirty. Patton and his childhood with a bit of old collaboration, “I think it gives the fun a bit of sharp, focused humor and a bit of excitement and Platt says more” “I think we have a lot to set in our first season, so much to create and say. There is a backstory and now we are really able to focus on the specific issues of this election. And it’s in New York, which we love.

For now, Platt is holding a “Rupel’s Drugs Race” in Los Angeles with boyfriend, co-star “Dear Evan Hansen” star Noah Galvin and his brother Henry Platt. “We’ve seen a lot every season,” said Platt.

And yes, he’s doing his own Dragon Queen name “Workshop”. “It’s a‘ sound of music ’reference: the refa latti, which I like but the jury goes out,” the plot explained with a laugh. “If she’s a musical comedy queen, if you will. Lots of ladderhassen [and] Austrian influences abound. “

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