March 20, 2023


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Benefit albums of Minneapolis artists released by Tompkins Square – Variety

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In response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, Tompkins Square Records released “Out Ashes” today, which will benefit two charities in the city, a 16-track compilation album of area artists. The complete lineup will be displayed below.

The benefits of the two-company set-up are Miggy, which aims to “develop Native American youth to express their creativity and dreams,” and its offices were destroyed in a fire late last month. It also benefits the Association for Black Economic Power, which works in partnership with Pimento to provide financial relief to the black business without insurance, which was set on fire during the protests.

The album was compiled by Matt Sowell (with “Little Help” by Tompkins Square).

The album is exclusively available at BandCamp, which is waiving its fees on Friday (June 5), so that all proceeds go to companies in this field.

Order it here.

  1. Siama Matujungidi and Dallas Johnson – Co. Yimbi Co.
  2. Nirmala Rajasekar – Ragi Thandiro
  3. Steve Tibet – Our 55406
  4. Mikung Park and Suzanne Lee – The Long Long Night
  5. Charlie Parr – A meditation for George Floyd
  6. Keith Lee – Minehahar Song
  7. Paul Metzer – Bemsha Swing
  8. Dakota Dave Hall – Hard Times
  9. Phil Howd – Vermilion
  10. Steve Palmer – Curry Park Blues
  11. Tim Sparks – Downbeat on Delancey Street (Courtesy of Joseph Moskovits)
  12. Adam Kissling – Pede
  13. John St. Pelvin – Auto Zone (Gently Gone)
  14. Thomas Nordland – Through clearing
  15. Oscar Tango – Midway

16. Matt Sowell – Minnesota

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