January 31, 2023


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Berlin Generation unveils slate, notably adds ‘Kiss the Future’

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Set to open the Berlin Film Festival’s youth-focused sidebar Generation 14Plus is “When It’s Like It Wasn’t Again,” the anticipated next film from Sonja Hayes and und Jevonk von Domien Huigh.

Based on the eponymous novel by Joachim Meyerhoff, “When It Wasn’t the Same Again” tells the funny and moving story of childhood and youth spent on the grounds of a psychiatric clinic.

Meanwhile, Domien Huyghe’s ongoing film “Sea Sparkle” will kick off the Generation Kplus competition. The film follows 12-year-old Lena as she relentlessly battles the tides of grief following the death of her father, which she blames on a sea monster.

Generations selections 25 feature-length and 31 short films, including 40 world premieres. The Berlinale team says this year’s lineup will invite viewers to “explore young perceptions of the world.”

“The films in this year’s Generations program create a kaleidoscope of young worldviews,” said department head Sebastian Markt.

“They see what moves the present and, in doing so, open our eyes to wonderful new perspectives. They create defensive personal spaces, create clear objections, and assert the right to imagination. They find new cinematic forms for untold truths,” continued Markt.

Another key part of the festival, the Berlinale Special, also added a title to its lineup: the documentary “Kiss the Future,” which chronicles the struggles of the citizens of Sarajevo during the Bosnian war and how aid worker Bill Carter’s determination. , the world’s biggest rock band, the enlistment of U2, helped keep the lights on

Here’s the first picture of ‘Kiss the Future’:

Copyright: Kiss the Future, Bill S. Carter

Here’s the generation lineup:

“Autobio-Pamphlet,” by Ashish Avinash Bende

“Almamula,” Juan Sebastian Torrales

“And the king said, what a great machine,” Axel Danielson, Maximilian van Aertrick

“Cinderella,” Walt Disney, Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Lusk

“Closing Dynasty,” Lloyd Lee Choi With Milinka Winata, Eleven Lee, Allen Chen

“Queen of Dancing,” Aurora Gose

“Of Dreams in the Dream of the Dream of Another Mirror,” Yuni Zhu

“I woke up with a dream,” Pablo Solarz

“Gabby’s Hills,” Joe Pelchat

“George-Peterland,” Christer Wahlberg

“A Girl’s Greyhound,” Enzo D’Allo

“Representative,” Asaf Saban

“Hito,” Stephen Lopez

“Hummingbirds,” Silvia del Carmen Castanos, Estefania “Beba” Contreras

“When a rocket sits on the launch pad,” Bohao Liu

“Incrosi,” Francesca di Fusco

“Kido,” Zara Dueinger

“Madden,” Malin Ingrid Johansson

“Magma,” Luca Meister

“Ma Mare et Moi,” Emma Branderhorst

“And me, I’m dancing too,” Mohamed Valizadegan

“She – Hero,” Mira Farne

“Mirror Mirror,” Sandulela Asanda

“Catching Birds,” Leah Marie Lembke, Simon Maria Kubiena

“Moot,” Vuk Lungulov-Klotz

“Ramona,” Victoria Linares Villegas

“Deep Sea,” Tian Xiaopeng

“Simo,” Aziz Zoromba

“Somni,” Sonja Rohleder

“Spin and Ella,” a vromabout

“The Shift,” Amalie Maria Nielsen

“As Sweet,” Jub Clarke

“Out of the corner of my eye,” Domonkos Erhardt

“Evening,” Awa Moktar guayed

“Pond,” Lena Von Dohren, Eva Rust

“When will it be like it never was before,” Sonja Hayes

“We will not be lost,” Alisa Kovalenko

“Xiaohui se ta de niu,” Jinying Lao

“Now. Here,” Hao Zhao

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