February 8, 2023


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Berlinale unveils visionary, classic, retrospective, market titles

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The Berlin Film Festival has released a raft of titles across the strand and 33 film projects are vying for currency in the co-production market.

Selections for the Topical Perspectives Deutsches Kino strand from emerging German talent include Steffi Niederzoll’s “Seven Winters in Tehran”, Milena Abouan’s “Elaha”, Engin Kundag’s “Ararat”, Sofia Mokorea’s “The Kidnapping of the Bride”, Fabian Stamms’ “Bones and Names”, “Long Long Kiss” by Lucas Roeder, “On Mothers and Daughters” by Tanja Eggen, “Ash Wednesday” by Joao Pedro Prado and Barbara Santos, “Nuclear Nomads” by Kilian Armando Friedrich and Tizian Stromp Zergari and Fabiana Fragel, Kilian Kuhlendahl and Jens Muhlhoff’s “Lonely Oaks”.

All selected films in the strand will compete for the Heiner Caro Prize and the Compass-Perspective-Award, both awarded €5,000 ($5,303).

A 4K restoration of David Cronenberg’s “Naked Lunch” will open the Berlinale classics section, which includes Oliver Schmitz’s “Mapantsula,” Nanni Moretti’s “Sweet Dreams” and Georgy Fehr’s “Twilight” from Charlie Chaplin’s “A Woman of Paris.” “Romeo and Juliet in the Village” by Valerian Schmidelli and Hans Trammer, “Undercurrent” by Kozaburo Yoshimura, and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” by Stanley Kramer.

In the retrospective “Young at Heart – Coming of Age at the Movies” strand, renowned international filmmaking talents present their favorite films about being young and growing up. Titles include Maurice Pialat’s “Two Our Loves,” chosen by Alice Diop; Aparna Sen’s choice of Satyajit Ray’s “Undefeated”; Jean-Claude Brissot’s “Sound and Fury,” selected by Nadav Lapid; “The Spirit of the Beehive,” by Victor Aris, selected by Carla Simon; John Hughes’ “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” selected by Nadine Labaki; “The Beauty,” by Arunas Zebriunus, selected by Sergei Loznitsa; “The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser” by Wenner Herzog is chosen by Mohammad Rasulf; “Bag of Rice,” by Mohammad-Ali Taleb, selected by Tilda Swinton; and Ray Ashley, Morris Engle and Ruth Orkin’s “Little Fictitious,” selected by Wes Anderson.

“The Last Picture Show,” by Peter Bogdanovich, m. Chosen by Night Shyamalan. Lino Brocker “Manila in the Close of Night,” selected by Love Diaz; “Muriel’s Wedding,” by PJ Hogan, selected by Carolyn Harfurth; Bernardo Bartolucci’s “Before the Revolution,” selected by Martin Scorsese; Nicholas Ray’s “Rebellious Without a Cause,” selected by Wim Wenders; Euzhan Palcy’s “Sugar Cane Alley,” selected by Ava DuVernay; Agnes Varda’s “Vagabond,” selected by Maren Adder; Věra Chytilová’s “Daisies,” selected by Jasmila Zbanić; Nagisa Oshima’s “Cruel Tale of Youth,” selected by Luca Guadagnino; “Splendor in the Grass” by Elia Kazan, selected by Pedro Almodovar; Shinji Somai’s “Typhoon Club,” selected by Ryosuke Hamaguchi; Djibril Diop Mambeti’s “Tauki Buki,” selected by Abderrahman Sissako; and “Three Colors: Blue,” selected by Juliette Binoche.

For the 20th Berlinale Coproduction Market (February 18-22), 33 film projects from 26 countries will be presented to co-production and financing partners.

Official selection of the project, Berlinale Coproduction Market 2023

“The Blindsight” (Director: Ruslan Batytskyi), 2Brave Productions, Ukraine
“Amoeba” (Director: Siyou Tan), Akanga Film Asia, Singapore
“Roger on the Loose” (Director: Natalia Smirnoff), Ano Cerro, Argentina
“Ivan and Hadum” (Director: Yan de la Rosa), Avalon PC, Spain
“God Bless You” (Director: Gustavo PG), Bubbles Project, Brazil and Balea Films, Brazil
“Smile” (Director: Jan Mathis), Bulletproof Cupid, Belgium
“Peeled Skin” (Director: Leonie Krippendorff), Kineo Film Productions, Germany
“Pastoral Pathways” (Director: Ahmet Necdet Çupur), Les Films du Poisson, France and Nico Film, Germany and Liman Film, Turkey
“Butterfly” (Director: Etonje Soimer Guttormsen), Mer Film, Norway
“Skiff” (Director: Cecilia Verheyden), Mirage, Belgium
“Tales from the Golden Age 3” (Director: Iona Urikaru), Mobra Films, Romania and 42 Films, Germany
“Ivy” (Director: Catarina Mourão), O Som ea Fúria, Portugal
“O Little Town of Bethlehem” (Director: Muad Alayan), Palsine Productions, Palestine
“I’ll Leave in June” (Director: Katharina Revillis), Road Movies, Germany
“Cheaper Than Stealing” (Director: Pedro Collantes), Sidereal Cinema (Elmedia Studio), Spain and Miser Films, France
“Marma” (Director: Taratoa Stappard), Sweetshop & Green, New Zealand
“Everything Wrong With You” (Director: Ursa Menert), Vertigo, Slovenia

Berlinale Director Project:

“Buran” (Directors: Mariam Moghaddam, Behtash Sanayeha), Hobab, Sweden
“Lonely Hearts” (Director: Caru Alves de Souza), Manjericão Filmes, Brazil
“Night Sweat” (Director: Maria Solarun), Wanderlust, Germany

World Cinema Market Project:

“Los Angeles” (Directors: Joaquin Coquina and Cristóbal Leon), Globo Rojo Films, Chile and Authentica Films, Germany

Rotterdam-Berlinel Express:

“The Burning Giants” (Director: Futifong Arunfeng), Diversion, Thailand and 13 Little Pictures, Singapore
“Brace Yourself” (Director: Thati Pele), Uruku, South Africa

Talent projects market projects and select producer talent

“Yen & Ally” (Director: Tom Shu-Yu Lin), Bering Pictures (Producer: Clifford Miu), Taiwan
“God and the Devil’s Cumbia” (Director: Carlos Lenin), Colectivo Colmena (Producer: Daniel Lostnow), Mexico
“Bakes” (Director: Mahsum Taskin), Gataki Films (Producer: Vildan Ersen), Turkey
“Baby” (Director: Nikos Kiritsis), Homemade Films (Producer: Kiveli Short), Greece
“Burning Kingdom” (Director: Catalina Arroev Restrepo), Rara Cine (Producer: Jaime Guerrero Naudin), Colombia
“Our Love” (Directors: Lia Hitala and Hanna Reinikainen), Story AB (Producer: Melissa Lindgren), Sweden
“The Love Pill” (Director: Nores Seger), The Uneven (Producer: Michael Detlef Petersen), Sweden
“Animals” (Director: Milada Těšitelová), Unit and Sofa (Producer: Julie Žáčková), Czech Republic
“Cost of Living” (Director: Moira Pasoni), Uvaia Films (Producer: Sofia Geld), Brazil
“Hooped” (Director: Adolf El Assal), Wadi Films (Producer: Adolf El Assal), Luxembourg

Company Matching Program:
Amur fu Vienna/Luxembourg, Austria/Luxembourg
Amrion Productions, Estonia
Epicmedia, Philippines
Fourfilms, Ukraine
Quijote Films, Chile

The Berlin Film Festival takes place February 16-22.

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