February 3, 2023


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Best Songs of the Week: Bleachers, Bruce Springsteen, Kali Uchis, more

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While Variety Music wasn’t busy breaking up the huge Taylor Swift stories this week, we were deeply gearing up for our Grammy edition: our annual hitmakers issue and event, which honors the top songs of the year and, significantly, people behind them. This year we are honoring Harry Styles, Luis Capaldi, The Weekend, Maren Morris, Superproduce Mustard and many more whose songs are featured in this column – obviously the event will be held on December 3rd but it will be bangle ‘: more details here. And without further ado, this week’s hitmakers …

Bleachers (featuring Bruce Springsteen) “Chinatown” What’s left for bleacher frontman Jack Antonoff, who in his spare time teamed up with Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Lord, (formerly Dixie) Chick, St. Vincent, Fan and many more? A duet with the patron saint of his home, heartbreaking, hard swing, booty-shaking, earth-shaking boss himself, Bruce Springsteen! It’s obviously a rock fantasy camp that came alive for Antonoff and Bruce could certainly present today, but they both got on the plate: Antonoff made an ethnographic, resonant, specter-esque vocabulary with the word Glockenspil-Ish Complete. Run “has inspired the album, and Springsteen has delivered a much more classic Springsteen than many of his own recent songs – and any fan will feel the cold when he sings the line” I’ll take you out of town. ” The effect is similar to watching his 1970s Bruce costume for a cover of “Whip My Hair” behind Fallon in 2011.

Kali Uchis (featuring Partextdur) “Fu Major” Colombian-American singer Cali Uchis recently released a Best Alt-R & B album with 2018’s “Isolation” in recent Memories, and he has come up with a similar dazzling idea with his new Spanish language album, “Sean Maido (Del Amor e Otros Demonios)”. ”Puerto Rican superstar producer Tenny (Cardi B’s“ I Like It, ”Bad Bonnie, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna and Almost Todos) produced the executive, the whole album late into the night, but this track is the best introduction.

Marina “Man World” Some messages are metaphorical or subtle – and some are expressed with just that. The latest section of British pop musician Marina (lastly Marina and Diamond) must be in the next section: “I don’t want to be in any other human world.” When the report states that only 2 percent of producers and 3 percent of engineers across popular music are women, Marina Last year she made a callout on social media for more female collaborators and got them: the song was produced by Grammy nominee Jane Desilov and engineered by first-time Best Grammy winner “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical,” Emily Lazarus, as well as video and photography titles. -Women’s creative team. With a stirring chorus and an ethnographic voice, mentions of witch trials and the Sultan of Brunei in the song may be somewhat heavy-handed, but hey, when there are millennia to overcome inequality, not subtle steps.

Nicki Jam and Mike Towers “Polovo” The song unites the two titles of contemporary Latin music, but the natural-sounding but complex melody sits in an intense roar – and of course these two rare talents sing it beautifully.

For the final Venus 5 slot we are going to cheat a bit and present two. We try to identify the original compositions and those that are not limited to the given platforms but Single cover of Julian Baker’s 1940s Christmas song “A Dreamy Holiday” So beautiful – and in her singing we show the direction of the spice that we have not seen before – we are happy to make an exception.

Finally, Harry Hudson’s “I’m Feeling Amazing” It’s a kind of irresistible-beautiful song that seems to stand out from its Apple ad – and when you learn that the guy has survived recent cancer, it makes the song’s sense of optimism and happiness even more significant. CINC Alert!

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