September 21, 2021


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Billy Hilsa, Georgia Smith, Go-Go, Neil Young: Weekly Songs

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When Billy Hilsa announces that Taylor Swift is unexpectedly delivering “folklore” and her new music is about to arrive, there will be “isolated convictions” – it’s going to be the best July ForeverBefore everyone knew it, the pop sensation realized that Hilsa would be releasing a single, not a full-fledged on-lockdown album. But as we embrace the spread of our Elysian joys and “my future” must be treated as one – as her years have been subdued as “no time to die”, but with the uninterrupted song that sounds like 2020 is a good time for her to survive. .

The rest of this week’s Fri 5 songs – Diversity‘Five roundups of the top five or most notable new songs – more about addressing time. Georgia Smith has one that speaks to Black Lives Matter, Neil Young addresses the upcoming election, and all of Go-Go’s talk of a #MeToo moment (guess what?) Has yet to pass, these are probably among the speculative concerns. Meanwhile, country-pop stars Dan + Shy’s new love song doesn’t seem theoretically socially conscious – but We Learn about the current lockdown, whether they did it while recording.

Billy Ellis, “My Future”

I can recall Taylor Swift’s interview when she was a teenager, when she went from being a country star to becoming a pop superstar, and the issue of her currently non-existent dating life came to the fore. She would then go back to a boyfriend, who said that when she found someone who made her as interested as her career. He probably didn’t live up to that ideal later on – what man in history has become as interesting as Taylor Swift’s career? – But it was a good, high bar to set at the age of 18 And and it seems that in “My Future” this hilsa is setting for itself at the same age. It starts out as a somewhat isolated track: he’s talking to someone who is just using him as “mirror / you check your appearance … / I had to go” using but at the end of the song it’s like he’s in a relationship Kissing, because he sent a wave to all potential candidates with the sign-off: “I’ll see you in a few years.” Here’s a taste of Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next,” something she has to learn to love hilsa so much that it’s not her own that she can become as much hilsa as she can if she maintains her single, single female focus.

Is this the happiest song of Hilsa recorded? Probably. And there may have been limited competition for it in his previous LPs and EPs, but we encountered a teenage megastar who seemed to come out of the gate as a ghostly ghost, and then success really took him to the next level – in leadership … in the history of show business. Was the first. Apparently there is a great family support system around Hilsa, starting with brother Phineas who must have contributed to this new track. And knowing why he’s personally in a good place makes it easy to jump behind him and imagine his pop “future” not just for a few years, it’s easy to imagine as something measured in multiple decades for another thing that offers a simple offer is this track- Simple rehearsals, like the music, can deliver some fun torch singing to the rainbow room, before a gentle beat kicks. Lyricically though it is nothing but his age acting. So here’s waiting for a potentially sunny second album – Angst’s avoidance becomes like his presence.

Georgia Smith, “By no means”

Writing about the Black Lives Matter Movement or Black Lives in general does not require any excuses or encouragement from outside Smith. However, he temporarily received something in the form of an assignment to contribute to a recent Rock Nation compilation, “Reissue”, which is designed to address issues of current social justice and to organize for the benefit of victims of police brutality and other civil rights violations. . As such, British singers like “Blue Lights” and “Rose Disease” have a tradition of previous songs. The title, of course, refers to Malcolm X, and the contempt for the many fires that suggest a visit, as well as the sense of pride. “He goes ahead and fixes your crown, and sees it burning in all the smoke, “he sang at the beginning, pointing to the fire in a more literal sense of this year’s protest. “Look at all this pain in the headline / But I screamed for the last time / But find out what happened, see / If it were like eye to eye you would go blind,” warns those who hold the upper hand of society. When it comes to “getting rid of the steps we take,” Smith is never completely settled in a tone of righteousness or anger. Its a smoothly coiled war consciousness.

Go-Go’s “Club Zero”

Despite occasional reunion tours of Go-Go in recent years or decades, no one has found an idea as a recording artist; The group’s last album, “God Brace the Go-Go’s”, was released in 2001 and came 17 years after their previous full length. But the new Allison Ellud-directed documentary about the group, which premiered at Showtime this weekend, benefited from the sign that the quartet could still work together creatively as well as archeologically, even if they couldn’t return to the album game. Time Gig hits the spotlight with their first new song “Club Zero” in 19 years, at first only on a stylistic level – it has some basic punk spirit that the movie spends so much time on, never trying to pretend that Polish never made them big. . Its real quintessence, however, occurs in the song in which Go-Go’s finally claims that feminism was not worn in the ’80s. Jane Widlin describes it as a “zero-sum game” about what men will say about women’s issues and / or their inheritance. Clearly given the many Fs, the band will be able to recreate any purpose 40-plus years from their inception. As it turns out, after this decade, we Willpower When they are angry, make them like them.

Neil Young, “look” for a leader in 2020

The young man doesn’t run his hawk with any particular subtlety at this anti-Trump wide end … or if you’re on his side, you probably want or expect him. The album “Leading with Lear With” featured the theatrical song “A Look for Leaders”, but it’s a different kind of war – a citizen – that American citizens consume themselves with this rewrite. The new version was first presented as a casual one-off in his web “Fireside Sessions”, but he himself broke the acoustic performance (although you can still see it only in his Blue Young archives, you can hear it on other streaming services). The lyrics are vague and up to this moment: “America has a leader building a wall around our house / he doesn’t know about black life and we voted for him.” He also wants a landslide: “We’ve got our election, but there’s a chance of corruption / a big win to regain our confidence.” Will Trump’s adventure without hesitation programming Rockin in the “free world” playlist even after Young relentlessly destroys him – should something like this happen again this year? Eight Ball says: Of course, why not?

Dan + Shay, “I should probably sleep”

It would be all the music anyone needed in the quarantine era even if it was literally about hitting the straw, right? It also claims a golden age themed song for pajamas. But there is something deeper than that that will match the ears of the next generation of country-pop stars in this new piano-based ballad. The lyrics below, describe the music scene of a familiar country: people go to bars, people look at the former, people don’t know how to deal. But what if the female encounters Dan and / or Shy on the local fig … Do the virus again, again? “All my friends finally got me out of the house / to help me forget, to help me move on / then I heard you came back to town,” they sang, as if suddenly reminded that the curve remained unchanged. They added, “I should quit while I’m ahead,” adding that every American who is unsure about playing safely or restarting the Old Normal like “Someone told me you were a comedian” / So I should probably go to bed. Shy, intentionally or unintentionally, has come up with great quarantine music for the summer of 2020.

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