February 3, 2023


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Black Forest Board’s ‘Milk Powder’ pick Carlos Segundo

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Berlin-based Black Forest Films comes up with “Milk Powder,” the upcoming feature from Brazilian talent Carlos Segundo, Oscar-nominated for his short “Cedral.”

“Milk Powder” has been selected to participate in the Berlin Film Festival’s Script Station Lab. Directed by Christophe and Josun Hanheiser, Black Forest joins Segundo and Sopro do Tempo and France’s Les Valsures as co-producers. “Milk Powder’ will be Les Valsers’ second collaboration with Black Forest on the feature documentary “Los Nombres Propios,” by Fernando Dominguez, which will begin shooting in a month, Les Valsers producer Justin Pechberti said. The project has also secured development support from the Hubert Bals Fund.

In “Milk Powder,” Segundo “lays out a movie of wandering, sprinkled with rock hits and absurd humor,” says the synopsis. It follows Vicente, a wannabe rocker, on his search for love and, most of all, for the meaning of life. His own personal crisis exemplifies a generation of Brazilians grappling with its own existential crisis, exacerbated in 2018 by the ascension of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

O Sopro do tempo and Les Valseurs have collaborated on four other projects in the past, including Segundo’s feature “Fendas” (“Slits”) and recent shorts, “From Time to Time, I Burn,” “Big Bang” at Locarno last year. Golden Leopard at the film festival, and his latest short, “Cideral,” is among 15 shortlisted for the 2023 Oscars for Best Live Action Short.

“Sideral” premiered at Cannes and Telluride and snagged 65 awards, including Chicago, Palm Springs, Holyshorts and LA Shorts. It is the only South American on this year’s Oscar shortlist.

Not unlike his other shorts, “Sideral” (meaning Outer Space in English) has an absurd storyline. It focuses on a couple, she a cleaning lady and he a mechanic, whose lives are turned upside down when Brazil sends its first manned rocket ship into space.

Said Karim Ainuz, whose Cannes Un Certain Regard winner “Invisible Life” represented Brazil at the 2020 Oscars: “The success of ‘Sidereal’ is so important for Brazilian cinema, at a time when our country is just coming out of four years of physical and physical conditions. Extreme. Symbolic violence by rights, especially against culture.”

“And to see a young filmmaker like Carlos, who hasn’t stopped making films with or without money, telling stories that make us dream, it gives us all the strength to keep making films, to keep reimagining the world,” he said. diversityAdded: “His film is wonderful in every sense, unique in its form and carried by a brilliant and original script, with an ending you won’t forget.”

Nominations for the 95th Academy Awards will be unveiled on Tuesday, January 24, and the Oscar ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 12.

Carlos Segundo
Courtesy of Les Valseurs

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