September 22, 2021


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Black is King: Who is Young Simba? Folazmi ‘FJ’ break out in Akinmurel

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If you’ve seen Beyonc’s “Black Is King” – now streaming on Disney Plus – you’ve seen Folazomi “FJ” Akinmurel in action playing a young Simbar who has been kicked out of his home by Scar and has to embark on a journey of self-discovery, 7 The star prospects of this year-old actor are already clear. Here’s what you need to know about the “Black is King” breakout:

Why he stole the show

In the absence of much dialogue, this is the approach that does a lot to talk about in “Black Is King”. The mesmerizing aesthetics of the production are beautifully applied to everything from landscapes to colorful and detailed costumes, and Akinmurel has multiple shots where he sees young King Beyonc গ singing on his latest visual album.

Even when he is not adorned with the crown, Akinmurel embodies a young Simba spirit at the beginning of his journey. His raw talent is more evident in “Don’t Hate Me” but much more in the lively performance of “Mood 4 Eva”, which sees him dressed like Joy-Z and confidently speaking the song.

What has he acted before?

Beyonc ম’s music video for “Spirit” – the only song included in the 2019 remake of “The Lion King” – was starring Akinmurel. The global superstar was so impressed with her performance that she found him for “Black Is King” and played Simber in the lead role. Not bad for your first two projects.

What next?

Akinmurel has not yet announced any subsequent projects, but it is certainly a matter of time before the word comes up frequently. Meanwhile, represented by the Afrikaans Agency and living in Los Angeles, Akinmurel will undoubtedly spend time with his other passions: sports (especially basketball), video games, art, swimming, music and outdoor recreation.

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