September 23, 2021


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BMG Productions acquires Music Dynamics

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International production music company BMG Production Music (BMGGPM) has won the award-winning Los Angeles and London-based costume dynamic music.

The two companies launched a global sub-publishing deal in 2018 that saw Dynamic double its revenue. Under the agreement, the teams protected more than 100 hours of music use across television and radio stations worldwide from nearly 30,000 uses. The acquisition is an evolution of that agreement.

BMGPM serves the film, broadcast, games and advertising industries and is a giant in the field with a catalog of nearly 500,000 tracks. Dynamic Music has a 3,500-strong catalog of tracks in genres including hip-hop, synthwave and future R&B, including neo-classical, Scandinavian, indie and folk. Albums by Dynamic Storage include The Shape Shifters, Kid Massive and Birdie.

Co-founded by Dynamic London with David Felton, Will Mills and Sharoz Raoofi, Rachel Meniz has joined as a director and manages the day-to-day work.

John Clifford, Executive VP and Global Managing Director of BMGPM, said: “As BMGPM continues to develop, build and innovate with some of the best music providers in the world, bringing dynamic music to the company is an exceptional task for an organic transformation and recognition team. “

Rachel Menzies, director of Dynamic Music, said: “It’s been an honor for us to grow and market the Dynamic catalog over the years. I can’t think of a better home for business than the brightest team at BMGPM.”

Sharoz Raufi, creator and co-founder of Dynamic Music, adds: “Dynamic Music is dedicated to creating cutting-edge and forward-thinking music for the media. The acquisition of BMGPM is a huge exciting milestone in our business journey and for our team of writers. Its future is in great hands. “

BMGPM has recently partnered with ITV Studios and the AI-powered music-to-video platform MatchTune.

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