October 25, 2021


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BMI London Award Anaro Parks, Ed Sheeran, Inflow, Elton John

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Among the special honorees at the BMI London Awards were renowned newcomer Arlo Parks and singer-producer Inflow, while Elton John and Ed Sheeran received awards for all-time or annual performances in the UK.

The 2021 honors were practically held again, with many of the winners turning into video-taking lectures. “It’s a beautiful thing to be able to move people and influence positive change,” said Parks, who received the BMI Impact Award – “Eugene” with solo electric guitarist for groundbreaking art, creative vision and impact on the future of music.

Lyricist-producer Priest “Inflow” Josia Cover was awarded the BMI Champion Award, “in recognition of her incredible creative achievements and strong contributions to culture, social policy and racial justice through her music.” Inflow is best known for his work with Collective Salt and Adele has emerged as one of the producers of his upcoming album.

Data-driven Awards Tom Burns topped the worldwide Lewis Capaldi Award for Best Song of the Year for co-writing the hit “Before You Go”.

BMI was also honoring some of the older songs, as they reached millions of miles. Among them were Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and “Love Yourself”, the latter of which was a hit for Justin Bieber.

“These are 6 million plays, 4 million plays [for the two songs, respectively] – It’s pretty wild, “Sheeran said, accepting the compliment. He gave the background to both tunes. About “Shape of You,” he said, “Honestly, I didn’t think the song would be a hit, so it’s very wild to receive a BMI award for more than a million plays. It was written with Rihanna in mind and Lil Mix in mind, and I’m something like that.” I was trying to do what would suit them, basically, ”he admitted, a push that ultimately fits the shape of the shear.

“Love yourself,” he said, was written on the back of a bus with Benny Blanco. “I just got out of the situation and didn’t want to write a song about it,” he said, grateful that Blanco had canceled his rigidity to be personal.

Sheeran shares advice for young lyricists under the direction of BMI. “Don’t worry too much about the current song. Go to the next one. Write a song and then write another one and then write another one, ”he requested. “There are times when I meet five people who have five songs and that’s it. It’s important to have a consistent flow of creativity. Don’t be afraid to fail and write as much as possible – and don’t worry too much. ”

Also in the all-time section, Elton John has been honored for “Benny and the Jets” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, each of which has reached 7 million performances in the UK and received 6 million marks for “I guess that’s why they call it blues”.

The BMI London Awards recognize behind-the-scenes film, television series and cable and streaming programs in the United States and European composers. Icelandic composer Attlee Orverson dominated the category with six awards for her work in “Chicago PD”, “Chicago Made,” “Chicago Fire,” “FBI,” “FBI: Most Wanted” and “Defending Jacob”.

Among the first-time BMI winners was Joe Alvin, best known as an actor, credited for co-writing “Betty” with Taylor Swift. Ash was the winner for the first time, sharing the prize with Niall Horan and Noah Conrad for “Ethical Story”. Other winners include Sam Smith, Rosalia, The Jonas Brothers, Sly Dunbar, Annie-Marie, Kigo and Steve Winwood (“Higher Love” was one of the oldest songs played this year).

The full list of winners can be found here.

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