March 29, 2023


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Bono releases 60th birthday playlist, Billy Ellis, Craftwork – various compliments

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On Sunday, he celebrated his 60th birthday by posting a playlist of “600 songs that saved my life”, promising to write a “fan letter” to artists. He posted the first six of these ma0 mash notes on the U website and kicked off praising Billy Ellis, David Bowie, Kraftwork, Daft Punk, Luciano Paverotti and Massive Attack.

His list of 60 lifeguards includes the artists you would expect the most, such as Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Patty Smith, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Clash, Van Morrison and Johnny Cash. It contains some of the more recent or pop-oriented songs that Coldplay’s “Clocks”, Madonna’s “Rays of Light”, Lady Gaga’s “Birth Thus,” cannot be inferred from any rock-hero-honored ambassador like Bees. “And even Peter Frampton’s” Show Me “.

“These are some of the songs that saved my life,” the singer wrote. “The things I couldn’t live without … got me from there to here, from zero to 60% … through all the scrap, through all the harassment, from the serious to the indifferent … and joy, mostly joy.” He added, “I’m writing a fan letter with each song to try and explain my song.”

Billy Elish’s “Everything I Wanted”, released as a single last November, is the latest track on Bono’s list. He writes, “Dear Billy (Phineas too),“ My ears are longing to wander through these empty spaces, moving away from the density of digital surfaces with too much information. I stepped inside your song and it’s a black beauty, surprisingly weak and terrifying, fearless and anxious… but you’re not so worried. You have expressed it so that you can own the feelings you feel. I think of Carol King. I think of Roy Orbison. But just like them, you never existed before. Be your fan. “

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Note to Billy Elish

Hilsa is not the only 2019 included in his list. For Bruce Springsteen, surprisingly, he chose none of Canon’s classic songs, but “Guys My Miracle There,” a song from the “Western Stars” album released last year (Bono’s commentary to come later).

Craftwork is in the news due to the death of co-founder Florian Snyder last week. “I gave (wife) Ali a copy to romance on her 17th birthday in 1976,” wrote Bono. “” Neon Lights “is a song that took the form of the future that is now so well known, how strange it was. Easy to forget. “He thanked the surviving members” for all these years of Florian Ian. If only he could rest in peace. “

“Life on Mars?” Related to his letter? Bowie’s son Duncan Jones has been addressed. “When I heard your father’s song ‘Life on Mars?’ On the radio in 1973, I was hiding behind my bed at 10 Cedarwood Road listening to a pirate radio station called Radio Caroline. I wasn’t thinking about the question mark in the title. I didn’t bother about the dramatic investigation, ‘Is there life on Mars?’ The song was answering many more important questions when I was 13 years old. Is there intelligent life on earth? There was evidence that I was just as anxious.

Bono wrote separate messages to Daft Punk, Nile Rogers and Farrell Williams about their song “Get Lucky”. He said to Rogers, “You wrote the songs so you could stay in them. And this light touch is never better than this.” He wrote to Williams, “You have reason to believe what you can. Because you believe the impossible. “

Bono includes three songs on which he has teamed up with other artists – Paverotti, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Sinatra. He addresses Alice Pabarotti, the singer’s daughter, about one of these partnerships, “Missy,” which he first lists: “Without the forgiveness that was … and the toast to survive I can hardly remember.”

Full list of Bono’s “60 Songs That Saved My Life”:

1. Luciano Paverotti, Bono and Jucchero – Mississippi
2. Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK
3. Kanye West – Black Skinhead
4. Billy Hilsa – Everything I wanted
5. David Bowie – Life on Mars?
The. Beatles – I want to hold your hand
Ram. Ramons – swallow my pride
8. Conflict – Safe European home
9. Universal Enemy – Energy War
10. Patti Smith – People have power
11. John Lennon – Mother
12. Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday
13. Elton John – Daniel
14. Andrea Boselli – Con Te Partiro
15. Elvis Presley – Heartbreak Hotel
16. Johnny Cash – Loss
17. This killing quail – siren song
18. Craftwork – Neon lights
19. Fuji – Killing me softly with his song
20. Prince – When Doves cries
21. Doubt Punk featuring Ferrell Williams and Neil Rogers – get lucky
22. Madonna – Ray of Light
23. JA-Z features Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
24. Raise your head and speak – love is on fire
25. Lou Reed – Satellite of love
26. Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony
27. Victory Division – Love will tear us apart
28. New Order – True Faith
29 R.E.M. – Nightswimming
30. Adele – chases the sidewalk
31. Arcade Fire – Wake up
32. Pixis – The monkey went to heaven
33. Oasis – Survive forever
34. Iggy Pop – Desire for Life
35. Gavin Venus – Angel
36. Lots of attacks – safe from harmful
37. Featuring Kendrick Lamar U2 – XXX
38. Bob Marley and The Weiler – Song of Liberation
39. Echo and Buniman – Rescue
40. Nirvana – smells like the soul of a teenager
41. Pearl Jam – Jeremy
42. Bob Dylan – Most of the time
43. Central Lamar – Beyoncিত featuring Freedom
44. Depeche mode – walking in my shoes
45. Nick Cave and bad seeds – in my arms
46. ​​Simon and Garfunkel – Silent Words
47. Coldplay – watch
48. INXS – Never separate us
49. New Radicals – You get what you pay for
50. Angelique Kidzo – Agolo
51. Lady Gaga – thus born
52. Frank Sinatra and Bono – under my skin
53. David Bowie – Heroes
54. Common Mind – New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84)
55. Sinad O’Connor – You made me the thief of your heart
56. Van Morrison – Wonder Sense
57. Bruce Springsteen – My miracle happened there
58. Daniel Lanois – Creator
59. Peter Frampton – Show me the way
60. Bee Geese – Immortality – Demo Version

The playlist is available to listen to via Amazon Music, Apple Music, DJ, Spotify and YouTube Music.

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